Friday, July 6, 2018



Shiv means good-blissful and Ambu means water. It is a water that can cure many diseases. Water is one of the important elements of the basic five. There are chapters in Ayurveda on Mutra Chikitsa. 

Do you know, the present generation preferring RO water is suffering from B-12 deficiencies? It was not the case in past, when people used to drink raw water fetched from the wells, ponds, river, etc, they were not deficient in Vit-B-12. Why? Because animal urine is the major source of Vit B-12. Animals urinate all around, get into water and become our drink😊 It is the uria, the food for the plants. It is antiseptic. When the iodine and tetanus were not there, people were using urine as antiseptic guard in case of small injuries. 

Nothing is useless in this world. Waste of one is the wealth of others. If the chemicals can cure diseases, why can’t the biochemicals? 

What is milk? White water/blood carry nutrients. What is meat? Dead cells of animal body but have nutrients. Similarly, urine is a water with some chemicals that is useful in curing some diseases. If radiation and chemotherapy can work on human bodies why can’t the urine? 

In Naturopathy, many have tried this chikitsa and many have been cured. It is a matter of faith too. Khushwant Singh could live for 98 years with single or double malt drinks and Morarji Desai could live for 99 years with Shivambu. It is the choice of individual. 😂 Lol. 

6 July 2018


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