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Param Shiva is pure consciousness and massive bliss, omniscience, omnipotent and omnipresent. He is self shining illumination, full and independent himself. He is beyond thought construct, beyond grasp of mind, incapable of being described in words.

He manifests, transform himself into the universe out of his own free will and project the universe on the canvas formed by the divine illumination by displaying his nature as the Shakti. Like a picture reflects in mirror, the universe is manifested in the pure self. He is the Supreme Lord manifests himself without intervention of a second separate entity, by the operation of his ever vibrating divine Shakti-Chiti, his very nature.

He is Shambhu, an ocean of nectar, from which the massive current of the play of the Shakti-Chiti assuming the form of the waves of differences and shapes, thereby revealing the Supreme consciousness in gradual shapes. The knowledge becomes the object of knowledge. His trident is his Shakti, the power of will, knowledge and action hold in perfect equilibrium.

His Shakti takes five different expressions: Chiti Shakti (consciousness), Ananda Shakti (bliss), Iccha Shakti (volition), Jnana Shakti (knowledge) and Kriya Shakti (action).

Chiti Shakti, the divine Shakti that enables the Supreme Lord to reveal himself. By its power, he shines forth alone, experiencing himself as the pure ‘I’.

Ananda Shakti by which the Supreme Lord is full in himself, always satisfied and resting in himself.

Iccha Shakti through which the Supreme Lord has unlimited will to create.

Jnana Shakti by which the objects of the universe, manifestations of his self, are made conscious.

Kriya Shakti by which the Supreme Lord is able to manifest all of his intentions, manifest himself as each and every form during his creative activity.

The cycle of divine play of Shiva through his divine Shakti, moves by self limitation (nigraha), creation (sristi), sustenance (sthiti), absorption-cosmic destruction (samhara) and bestowal of grace (anugraha) putting an end to manifestation. Shiva + Shakti = manifestation.

There are 36 constituents, steps of descent into creation. Each higher is the cause of lower. Each higher is relatively more subtle than its next lower. The first 5 constituents are divine Shakti in pure form called Mahamaya and remaining 31 are called Maya (impure-manifestation). The first five are: Shiva, Shakti, Sadashiva, Ishvara, Shuddh Vidhya. The 8 are: Maya, kala kancuka, vidhya kancuka, raga, kala kancuka, niyati kancuka, Purusha, Prakriti. And the 23 are: buddhi (intellect), ahamkara (ego), manas (mind), five organs of knowledge, five motor organs, five subtle elements (शब्द, स्पर्श, रूप, रस, गंध), five gross elements (आकाश, वायु, अग्नि, जल, पृथ्वी).

Thus the universe, with its infinite variety of subjects and objects, is in reality it is the manifestation of Supreme Lord as the universe in his self expansion of his Shakti. Shakti-Durga opens herself out in creation. When she closes herself up or withdraws the universe disappears.

In short, the Supreme Lord manifests himself as universe by means of his free and independent will using his own Shakti as the material and himself as the screen on which he manifests. Everything manifest is a self manifestation of Supreme Lord and no different from him.

And what is liberation? To attain Supreme ‘I’ ness. To search and restore. He is You, the pure ‘I’, can conceal in bondage or liberate. Before body turns into dead body, till Shakti (life light) is present, one can make a choice. To bond or to liberate through the trident : will, knowledge and action.

3 June 2019


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