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SBR Clean Street Food Hub Ahmedabad

SBR Clean Street Food Hub Amdavad

A land owner of 9000 sqm land costing ₹200 CR in the costliest area of Sindhu Bhavan Road of Amdavad preferred profit to food street, invested ₹6 CR on infrastructure on shops and establishment and the street has been awarded the Clean Street Food Hub by the FSSAI, GOI. “If I sell the land, I get good money but what to do with that cash or bank balance. With the food street, the land is protected and it gives happiness when we see people enjoy their evenings with family friends and children and some people get employment”. The owner Ramanbhai Patel justified his investment. His son nick named Bhailoo had a good start up adventure in building the Clean Street Food Hub.

There are 41 food brands under one roof. Very recently this place has picked up as “we serve  everyone and everything”. People from all the ages can satisfy their palate here. There are some brands from the old city and some are the new ventures of the rather urban populace. Opened daily in the evening, at a time 750 people could be served in one session. Weekend there is a foot fall of about 3500 people.

One may start the evening with ‘9834’ serving all fruit related items and their Jamun shot being the cherry on the cake also adds a feather in the cap. ‘Ice Studio’ serves wonderful mocktails with jamun shots as their star product. Some may opt for ‘Sher Di’ which provides fresh sugarcane juice with some flavours you never heard off.  'Tropical Sno' an American brand for shaved ice preparations, which is a relief for summer heat and your thirsty throat, made with RO water and full flavours tastes as good as it looks. ‘Aarya's Grill’ is famous for their pull out bread and Pesto meal. ‘Sizzling Brownie’ as the name suggest serves different types of brownies and some shakes as well. ‘Friesacc’ serves different kind of potato fries, their curly fries is something you must try atleast once.

What do you have now? Chinese, Punjabi, South Indian, Mexican, Italian, Gujarati, Continental?

The stall brings the east to your platter with steamy momos, noodles and Indo-chinese.
With ‘Fondue Nation’ bringing a whole new trend of eating out of a Fondue pot the Malvani fondue is a must have. ‘Just Live’ which prepares a fusion Italian, Mexican and oriental which is all exceptional. ‘Food for Good’ serves Lebanese and authentic Mexican food there stars being burrito bowls and falafel rolls. ‘Belgians Waffwich’ gives Belgian waffle with different chocolates. ‘Indo-chinese Cuisine’ serving the paranthas of India is Apna paratha house as well. ‘Mishmash’ have IndoArabian food and their Manakeesh and Falafel wraps and outstanding hummus. ‘Nachos n More’ stays true to its name and have a wide variety of Nachos and a lot more. ‘Tandoori Sizzle' very popular for there Sizzlers and combos are perfect for a meal for one appetite. 'Stick with it' serving the best possible things that could be served on a stick like waffles and pirate twisters with combination of sauces.

For pizza lovers, ‘Chipotle from BBC’ is burrito bowls joint and most famous being the ‘woodfired pizza’ from BBC only adds a woody flavour to the pizza and is savoured by everyone. ‘Jashuben Shah old pizza’ is familiar to all Amdavadis and serves sandwiches and Gujarati style Pizzas. ‘Mobility’ which has been presenting there healthy fast-food like wheat pizzas, wheat burgers and wheat pastas is a hit amongst the health conscious fast food eaters. Architect husband has designed the grill and his wife is making the pizza. ‘Fat boys’ have the fresh dough pizzas with daily prepared sauces and defining an American Indian food style.

South Express takes you to the ‘South Indian lane’ with their family paper dosa which is five feet long. Gujarati pronounce dosa as Dhonsa, ‘Maharaja Dhonsa’ is one of the oldest name in Ahmedabad dosa lovers and they made their name from Manekchowk, their hit is ‘Ghotala’ Dosa.

‘Mahalaxmi Bhajipav’ again an age old name and know for their consistent taste in Pavbhaji still rules the heart of all food lovers. ‘Meraki’, experimenting with Pavbhaji and providing Kaala Bhaaji with an amazing taste and the ‘Tibbs Frankie’ at the same spot adds on to the menu.

‘Chana Zorr’ is one stall which serves only chana preparations with their outstanding chana tawa masala and Lachcha Parantha which is also a must try in this ‘Food Town’. ‘Social Lounge's barbeque peri peri paneer which is served with all world class Teas is healthy and flavourful, ‘Bowls of Buddha’ bringing food for soul and body have healthy ‘Quinoa salad’ bowls for  a healthy tummy.

‘Chat on chat GB’ brings the North Indian delicacy of chaat and panipuri with their Jaleba (bigger version of jalebi) is another reason why the crowd flocks to this stall.

For Khichadi lovers, ‘House of Khichdi’ from Big Bite cafe(BBC) is serving varieties of khichdi and the must have from that place is is Palak corn khichdi.

After eating all the healthy food, it’s time for best shakes in the town from the ‘Shake Maker’ who have a speciality thick shakes. ‘Asharfilal’ being famous for the best kulfi's in town. ‘Cryolab’ as the name suggest is cryogenic (using nitrogen) providing freshly churned  icecream with your favourite topping is again pleasing to all the senses. ‘Havmor’ being another coveted brand for icecreams and their monthly special flavours satisfy the sweet tooth of Ahmedabad. ‘Candy House’ is for spoiling the kids in sugar candies from all over the world there best is chocolate candies. The ‘Turkcream’ brings the Turkish flavours and style of serving which is also an entertaining thing to watch to Ahmedabad for the first time. ‘Chocolate Room’ which is in fact an Australian food brand which has recently picked it's pace in India and opened  lot _of_ franchises has offered chocolate bomb which is a delight not only for the tounge buy also to your eyes. Going next to pure beans and creams which is the must visit place at ‘SBR Social’ is very renowned for their coffees and home made desserts.

In you are in Amdavad or visiting Amdavad don’t miss the “Clean Street Food Hub SBR”. Kankaria Food Street in the East and SBR in the West are the best places to visit and feel the taste of Amdavad. Don’t miss enjoying evening with family and friends.

15 June 2019


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