Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

It was my first visit to Kenya. It's a country of black people, divided into 42 tribes. From a stranger, everybody look the same. As brown skin we have our own set of standards to identify beauty amongst the humans. The whites have their own set of standards. But when all carry almost the same look, it is difficult for the outsider to remember the faces as well as to differentiate through their look.

I didn't resist my curiosity and asked a direct question to a young man standing in the lobby of the hotel. When all the girls look the same, how do you select your girl friend or a spouse amongst them? He laughed at the question. Then slowly explained his viewpoints. Each individual has different perceptions for the beauty. Some may be looking at the height, some at the skin and some at the muscles, some prefer slim body and some go for body mass. Some like the talkative and extrovert girls, and some prefer the silents. The criteria can't be the same for all men. But it is just a liking at first sight. You look at her, like her and that's it. Thereafter, you don't bother about anything. Just a click of the mind with the heart. He concluded. Within few minutes he became friendly, therefore, I asked him a personal question. What is your criteria? A tall, brown skin lady may be the best. He replied. He must have developed his taste high while watching the visitors of the hotel.

Now the counter view was necessary to conclude. Easter was found in the lobby. What is the meaning of your name, Easter? I have asked. Queen, she replied. Whose queen are you? I asked the second question. My husband, obviously. She replied promptly. She and her husband are working. They have a son. Both of them earn 100,000 Kshiling/a month. The living cost is very high in the city, therefore, they are unable to buy a house of their own and live in the rental house. As I was progressing to the talk, few of our group mates arrived and I had to conclude my talk. The question remained unanswered. How could a girl find her boy from the blacks, with similar look, more or less the same height-body and moving around with shaved heads!!!

No merits or drawbacks to be discussed. Just to conclude that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Look at, like at first sight. That's it. Lol

18 October 2016

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