Thursday, October 20, 2016

Poverty, an outcome of unorganised life

Poverty, an outcome of unorganised life

One thing is common between Religion and Poverty. Both are acquired by birth. One may not change the religion so often as it is culturised by the parents. But what about poverty? Can't the children of poor come out of poverty? They can, but the path of progress is a path of disciplined life. One has to live in an organised way, study well, build the employability, understand the opportunities well and place him/her to the economic cycle well to earn smart money. 

But in reality what is the picture of the localities of the rich pockets and the poor pockets? Totally contrast. The attitude, body language, appearance, zeal, enthusiasm, language, dress, punctuality, life style, discipline, cleanliness, one can go on listing the items that differentiate the people of these two groups for their successes and failures. However, the purity of means and acts are not listed as the means of richness carry some adverse qualities. (I have not included the adversity of the caste system which keeps one section of the society away from the net of opportunities)

Why the land price and house price is so high for the rich pockets and low for the poor pockets? Living style of the pockets increase or decrease the value of their land, house and locality. In poor pockets, people live in dirts. Their individual hygiene and social hygiene are poor. Instead of adding value to their body, mind, house and locality; they live in such a way that the value of all go down. Many drink alcohol but the poor pocket alcoholism is bringing hell to their families. Who will prefer such neighbours? The unclean surrounding bring more diseases to them. Their attitude, language and quarrels keep them away from the fruits of good life. They are unable to prioritise their spending. They earn less and spend more on alcohol, addictions, doctors, customs and rituals. The calorie value of their food is very law. As a result their productivity is low. 

In one of the visits of east Ahmedabad, a member lady of SMC told her story of shifting her house from one chawl to another chawl. Her family earns ₹8000/month, and they were paying ₹1500/month for a rental house. But the culture of the chawl was not good. To save her children from that bad culture, she moved to another chawl, where they pay house rent at ₹3000/month. She wishes to live in further better locality, but she can't afford the rent and other living costs.

Can't they move out of poverty? Governments have introduced many social services schemes. Individuals are trying, but as a group, no visible and forceful activities are seen. Can't they start with the cleanliness of the surroundings? Can't they leave alcohol and gutka? Can't they improve their language and politeness? Can't they understand the pathways of success? Can't they stop blaming the government and the others for the life they live? Can't they blame first to themselves as the reason of their poverty? Can't they introspect themselves for not using the opportunities of education and capacity building offered to them? 

Demand of rights is important but performing duties is more important. Person in crisis has to work more than the person living in happy life. 

There is a need to bring change from the doorstep, with the introspection of the self. Who will do that? They have to boot up. After all the rich pockets have been generated out of the poor pockets.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world". - Gandhi.

20 October 2016


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