Monday, October 17, 2016

Galo, the wonder drug of Ayurveda

Galo, the wonder drug of Ayurveda

Galo, the (Tinospora cordifolia) is one of the wonder drugs of Ayurveda. It is a creeper available in forest and harvested mostly in Summer month of May. It generally grow on Neem and Mango trees with arial roots. It's bark are creamy white or grey and the leaves are heart shaped. Generally, the Galo stem of Neem tree is used as medicine. It is a health tonic that removes the poisons and toxins from the body. The juice from the fresh plant is diuretic but the roots and dry stems are used in treatment of chronic diarrhoea and chronic dysentery. It is indian quinine used in fever. It is used by type2 diabetics. It is a nectar (amrita), a divine property, therefore some people who didn't wish to grow old, take it regularly. It's a rasayana, used for balancing three doshas: vata, pitta and cough. It improves HB, therefore given to cure anemia. It is recommended for liver disorder, diabetes millitus, gout and rheumatic arthritis. It has antipyretic, anti analgesic and anti inflammatory properties. It stimulates the functions of the cells, therefore, given to jaundice and tuberculosis patients.

'Galo Satva' (extract) is the most effective drug of galo. One can get only 4 gm of satva from 4 kg galo stems. The method is simple but labourious. One has to wonder around Neem trees, climbing them up and collect the galo stems from the trees. Then the stems will be cut into pieces of one inch size and grinned in the mixture. Thereafter, it will be washed with hands in the bucket of water. The pieces of the stems will come up on the top, but go on washing till the extract of the stem settles down. Over the night, the extract will settle down at the bottom of the bucket. Remove the water and collect the extract settle in the bottom. It's sticky and will turn into powder after drying up. One may take 4 mg (a capsule full) of the extract with honey, preferably in the morning and start the day of energy.

Wish to remain young? Want to rejuvenate? Tired of acidity? Want to stimulate cells? Start the day with Galo Satva, the wonder drug, the nectar of Ayurveda.

17 October 2016


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