Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Be Good, the aim of life

Be Good, the aim of life

In 2017, Acharya Ratnasundarsuriji has been awarded Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian award by Government of India for his contributuion in field of spirituality. I took an opportunity to meet him at the Upashraya at Ankleshwar, on 22 April 2017.

When I congratulated him for the award, he said the award has value only to the limit that his words or petition will be cleared on priority by the administration. For Acharya Sadhu, the spiritual life carry more importance. However, he was surprised when his name was announced because he is not that well known like Sri Sri Ravishankar, Pramukh Swami and Morari Bapu. 

He has written 312 books on the issues of human relations and spirituality. His handwritings are beautiful, neat and clean. He writes in a note book without a single mistake using three colour pens: black-blue-red to highlight his writing. His writing is the evidence of his clear and stable mind. He guides the people to live good virtues of life. When late Dhirubhai Ambani met him, he asked him a simple question. Are you happy or are you rich? Dhirubhai replied that he is rich but not happy. He was at a point, from where no return was possible. The famous Harshad Mehta of share market who was wealthy and used to receive calls from the then PM, suddenly lost his everything, when met he asked him the same question. And the answers was the same, gain richness but lost the happiness. 

The poor have good body but no wealth. And the rich have good wealth but poor body. Both are in search of what they don't have.

How long to run after money, name, fame? After reaching to some target or destination, there should be an end. How long to run after them? For 50 years, 60 years? 70 years? At some point the search for richness should end and search for happiness should start. 

There are three types of living: Get Good, Do Good and Be Good. 

Everybody likes the life to get good: good food, good house, good job, good wealth, etc. They don't spend for others. Majority are living the life to get good.

Some people do good. They share the wealth with others, do charity. But Daud can do charity. That is not sufficient quality to become a good man. 

Be Good should be the aim of life. He is good and does good for others. Spirituality rests in the life of "be good". Religion is an universal truth. The Hindu, Jain, Christianity, Islam etc, are the labels of the religions, but the core of all the religions is one, "Be Good". All religions are directing the same destination, the destination of God. 

People live by opinions. Each of their Act, they think of the opinions of others and accordingly act or react to the situation. But the people on the path of spirituality live the life of experience. The act that maintains their peace and stability of mind, they live by experience. They don't care for opinions of others because internally, they know what they are. In happy moments or sad moments, in comforts and discomforts, they are the same, in the abode of the God, where happiness is eternal.

It was nice meeting him and learn some lessons of the life.

Abhinandan to our Acharya Padma Bhusan Ratnasundarsuriji Maharaj🙏

25 April 2017


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