Sunday, April 9, 2017

Housing for All, Credai India aiming High

Housing for All, Credai India aiming High

Mr. Vekaiya Naidu, Union Minister of Urban Development, Urban Housing, Information and Broadcasting is on a visit to Gujarat today to attend a Credai National Investiture Ceremony 2017, held at Mahatma Mandir Gandhinagar.

At the airport, he has beautifully described the growth of his party BJP. "Recently on 6th April, BJP has completed 37 years of it's political journey. The party was identified as Nationalist Party by it's opponents is now a National Party. It is in power in the Central Government with 353 MPs in both the Houses of Parliament. It is in power in 15 States of India and represented by 1365 MLAs. It governs over 59% population and 65% of the areas of the Country. Under the visionary leadership of our beloved PM Shri Narendra Modi, the country is in the mode of Reform, Transform and Perform. On the social issue of 'triple tallak' amongst Muslims, he argued that the way Hindu society has been reformed with discontinuation of the bad practices of Child Marriage, Dowry and Sati Pratha, etc; other societies can also develop awareness on issues that hampers the growth of their people including the women. He reiterated the efforts of the government to achieve the dream of H'ble PM Shri Narendra Modi, 'Housing for All' by 2022. Development and Good Governance are the two mantras of our Government."

Gujarat DNA, Gujarati Bhai, young Jakshay Shah took over as President Credai India for next two years from today. Speaking with the help of teleprompter, during his impressive speech, he explained the "Dream Manifesto of Credai India" to make Builders as Nation Builder, signing 375 MoUs (147 from Gujarat, of which 80 from Ahmedabad) of building 2.37 lakh affordable houses with an investment of ₹ 70,000 crore, to start 25 lakh affordable houses in two years, creating many job opportunities, increasing GDP share of real estate from 5% to double digit, and simultaneously to build capacity (skill training) of 8000 Construction Workers in a year, one scholarship a day to the students of economically weaker sections of society, etc. He has welcomed RERA.

The Union Minister desired that real estate is unreal with the land price jogged up, will get corrected and make the sector 'real' with right pricing. When world including China is passing through the economic recession; India is growing with the vision of New India, new culture, knowledge, opportunity; Team India working for development of the Country and fighting against corruption, black money, women's right, and bringing development of all. Politics and economics must marry for development not to divorce to stop development. Government of India has sanctioned 17 lakh urban houses with an investment of 93000 crore with a government subsidy of ₹26000 crore in last two years to achieve the dream of 'Housing for All".

H'ble CM, DyCM have graced the ceremony, and addressed the gathering with GoG vision on housing development, infrastructure development, keeping the interest of the consumers in mind. They have explained the progressive decisions of government: i.e., deemed NA, no building permission for houses upto 125 sqm, interest subventions on housing loan, regularisation of the possession of small occupants on ULC land, special zones in DP-TP for affordable housing, common GDCR etc.

It was a Successful Ceremony organised by Credai India, participated by many real estate developers of 138 cities of 23 States of India.

9 April 2017


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