Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Vishu 2017

Happy Vishu 2017

Vishu refers to Bhagwan Vishnu, the Mayon, one of the principal deities of Hinduism, meaning all pervader (is everything and inside everything), preserver and protector; descended from heaven to earth several times to save humanity. He is the saviour of all from evil forces. Lord Krishna was his most popular incarnation.

When Sun God enters into Aries, the exalted sign today, on the first day of Baishakh/Vishakh of Hindu Calendar, South India (Kerala, TN, Karnataka) celebrates the New Year Day Vishu/Bisu. Odisha also celebrates New Year as Maha Vishnu Sakranti. Bengal (Bihu), Assam are celebrating the festival. Punjab and North India celebrate Vaishakhi. Srilanka, Malaysia and Indonesia also celebrate Songkran festival marking their new year.

Malayali people when woke up today were careful to see the joyful things first as Vishukkani, so that the year will be better. The feast of the day Sadhya, full with Vishu: Vishu Kanji, Vishu Katta and the side dish Thoran. People wear new clothes Vishukodi/Puthukodi, give money to younger once Vishukkaineetam. Children enjoy sweets and setting off firecrackers.
Humans are dependent on rainfall for food. It is the celebration of prayers to the almighty requesting him to blessed the season with good rain without any natural calamities. Vishnu God to preserve and protect the creatures. It is the end of Spring season and start of Summer. It is a flowering season of beautiful yellow flower tree, Cassia Fistula (Garmalo, Amaltas). It's Yellow flowers are used in the Pooja of the day. From today to the 45th of the day, i.e., 29 May 2017, the monsoon will onset on the coast of Kerala.

Assamese-Bengalis celebrate the festival as Bihu. Traditionally, people all over the country celebrate Vivah/Bihu/marriage during these days, before the onset of monsoon, so that one new member join the family of agriculture workers!

Assam-Bengal celebrate Rangali (April), Kangali (October) and Bhogali (January) Bihus. Rangali to marry and enjoy the colours of life. When marries and spends money on marriage and agriculture inputs, and there is scarcity of supply, one becomes kangal, celebrate Kangali Bihu in October. And when the agriculture season is good, the house is full with grains, it is a season to enjoy food: Bhoga, celebrate Bhogali Bihu. The daughter in law is called Bahu, but the celebration is called Bihu, the Piyu (husband) of the Bahu (wife); sometimes Rangali, sometimes Kangali and sometimes Bhogali/Bhangali. Lol.

Happy Vishu to all.

14 April 2017


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