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Secret of Hinduism-2

Secrets of Hinduism-2

Hindus worship the Sun, the river, the ponds, the tree, the cow, the snake, the girl, the woman, the idol, to all, and see the presence of the Almighty in all. It is an unique way of worshiping the God and those people who don’t understand the meaning of it, look at it as the madness of the search of the God in the mortals. 

All believe that the universes, the creatures, the visible and invisible world is a creation of the God. All believe that God is everywhere. 

Upanishads explain the truth.

Who created this world? 
How was it created?
Why was it created? 

In any formation there are two causes: material (upadan) cause and efficient/moving (nimitta) cause. Generally both the causes are independent to each other. Earth, Gold and wheat are the material cause of pot, ornament and chapati, respectively. Potter, Goldsmith, Cook are the efficient causes of these things respectively. With the knowledge of earth, gold and wheat, one can understand the creation of pot, ornament and chapati. 

What are the material and efficient causes of this universe? 

यथोर्णनाभि: सृजते गृह्यते च, यथा पृथिव्यामोषधय: सम्भवन्ति। 
यथा सत: पुरूषात्केशलेमानि, तथाक्षरात्सम्मवतीह विश्वम्। । (1.7, Mundakopanishad)
(As a spider projects forth and absorbs back (the threads), as plants grow on earth, as hairs grow on the body, the universe emerges from the Imperishable Being).

Urnanabhi, the spider create thread from it’s own saliva and makes the net, God creates this world without external material. The way varieties of plants and herbs are grown from the earth, there is varieties in creatures. The way hairs (jada) are grown from a live man, the material world is created from the Chetan (live) God. All the universes emerge from the Almighty. He is the abhinnanimittaupadan (inseparable efficient material) cause of the Universe. HE is manifested himself as Universe. Brahman, Akshara (imperishable) is the cause of the Universe. From where the Universes emerge, stay and get destroyed is the HE, the Brahman. 

But there is a question. If the world is created by the God than what happened to Him? Where is He? If earth is used in making pots, it reduces or turns into pots. If Gold is used in making ornaments, Gold becomes ornaments. 

The Upanishad explains, there are two types of material causes: result oriented and vivarta (look different than it’s form). Milk becomes curd, seed becomes tree, etc, are result oriented cause in which one form is changed into another form. But in Vivarta, the form of the cause is not changed but it is seen differently. The famous example of Rajju-Sarpa (chord and snake). People see snake, stick, necklace, water fall, etc images in a Chord. The chord doesn’t change but the observer sees it differently. Similarly, the God is as HE is, but we see the Jagat (world) in it. Water is seen as bubble, wave and froth but it is water only. With the creation of bubble and it’s disappearance the water remains water. With the names and forms it is Jagat (world) but it is God, the Being Himself. Whether it a dust particle, or the creatures or the visible and invisible universes around, they are manifestation of the one and only, the God, the Brahman.

Therefore, Hindu culture pray HIM in all formats whether Sun, Cow, Snake, human, tree, or an idol. There is nothing around except the Brahman, the Almighty. 

Now, when you see a Spider (उर्णनाभि) making a net, don’t forget to see the creation drama of the God in it. 

18 May 2018


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