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Monsoon 2018

Monsoon 2018

IMD has predicted normal monsoon this year and the pre monsoon activities of the season has started with the dust storms. Ants become very busy, running around in collecting foodstuff and filling up their storehouses. Cuckoos are yearning love desires with their beautiful sounds ku...hoo. Crows may considered themselves smarter, but some cuckoos will lay their eggs in their nests. Peacocks are getting their new feathers and some are busy in impressing upon the Peahens with their beautiful dance and te...hook sound of love. Cassia fistula the beautiful trees are blooming with yellow flowers expressing joy of the nature. The blooming of the flowers started around 31/3/18, and it is at the pick nowadays. Counting 45-55 days from it, Monsoon is likely to onset a weak early in the fourth week of May over Kerala coast this year. 

There is no El Niño but weak La Niña (cool phase- ENSO) will govern the season. The fear of band of warm water flowing under east central Pacific Ocean has gone. The sea surface temperature and air pressure over Indian Ocean will be positive for normal monsoon this year.

What do the Stars indicate? 

With the transits of Solar Family in different fields (watery, fiery, earthy, windy), the monsoon season will be governed. 

The union of Saturn and Mars (kept on hold many things!) ended. Bhoomiputro (son of earth) Mars has moved to Capricorn (exalted house), the earthy sign on 2/5/18 and marked it’s journey with the dust storm over some areas of the country. 

Saturn will continue in Sagittarius, but is retrograde from 17/4/18 to 6/9/18, won’t remove the uncertainty in the atmosphere. Retrograde Rahu will continue in the watery sign Cancer, but realising it (water) slowly. Retrograde Jupiter in Libra will be progressive from 10/7/18 and will move to Scorpio from 12/10/18. Venus is in Taurus will transit to Gemini from 14/5/18 and then to Cancer from 9/6/18 and will travel through Leo and Virgo during the season. Mercury is in Pieces and will transit signs upto Virgo during the season. 

Sun is in Taurus will transit to Ardra nakshatra of moon sign Gemini from 15/6/18, the traditional date of onset of monsoon over Gujarat. Sun will transit from each nakshatra for a fortnight. And the character of each fortnight will decide the fate of next fortnight. One has to observe the days very closely. 

Moon will transit from each sign for 2.5 days but when it is transiting from the watery signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pieces) will mark the days as rainy days. If other planetary movements are positive, these may be heavy to very heavy rainfall days.

As Mars is behind the Sun during the season, therefore, it’s negative effect over monsoon is diminished. It will remain in the exalted house of earth sign Capricorn during the season, therefore, will grant pleasures to the earth and to it’s cultivators the farmers. However, the period from 15/7 to 15/8 when it is transiting opposite to Sun and creating angaraka yoga, few days may go dry.

Venus, the planet always positive for rain is transiting watery sign Cancer from 9/6/18 to 5/7/18. During this period Moon will be transiting from the watery signs of Pieces, Cancer and Scorpio on 5-14-22 June. Therefore, we may see widespread monsoon activities during the period in June. Monsoon is early this year. 

During July, Venus will be in fiery sign Leo, Rahu may dry up the watery field of Cancer, Mars may make the fields windy, Saturn in fiery sign Sagittarius may add up dryness, therefore, July generally marked for the big spell of rains of season, may not yield that much rain. However, Jupiter is getting progressive from 10/7/18 will improve the season in the second half of the month. There may be cyclonic activities, with some areas may be getting more and some areas are getting less rainfall. 

As soon as Venus is getting free from the fiery files of Leo and transiting to Virgo from 1/8/18, it will bring the normalcy of the season. August will be a month for normal rainfall. September also will remain normal rainfall month. 

Jupiter will transit in Libra during the season and will move to Scorpio from 12/10/18, and with few days of moon unionise with it, it may bring some post monsoon showers over some parts of northern/ northeastern India before the season ends. 

It is going to be a Normal Monsoon Year as predicted by the IMD. Planets this year, are avoiding to come in conflict with the IMD. Lol.😆😂😜

5 May 2018


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