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Secrets of Hinduism-3

Secrets of Hinduism-3

There is Supreme Being (परब्रह्म), Highest Brahman, the ultimate reality, pure, Akshara, named as Nirgun (without qualities), Nirakar (formless) Brahman by the Hindus and Maha Shunya by the Buddhas. But HE is Chetan-Live, therefore, the story of creation begins. When HE closes HIS Eye, (don’t imagine him in body and eye term), the Jagat (Universe) disappears (अव्यक्त), and when HE opens his Eye, it appears (व्यक्त). 

How is the Universe created? Upanishads say, it was created step by step by the Sankalp/desire of the Para Brahman (Supreme Being). 

तपसा चीयते ब्रह्म ततोऽन्नमभिजायते ।
अन्नात् प्राणो मनः सत्यं लोकाः कर्मसु चामृतम् ॥ ८ ॥
(1.8, Mundakopanishad)

(The Nirgun Brahman with तपसा (knowledge of creation) expands like a seed before the sprout. From HIM, Maya (nature) created (अन्नं अभिजायते). From Maya, the Prana (Hiranyagarbha), from Prana the mind (समष्टि मन), from Mind the bhutas (5 elements, panchikaran) (सत्यम stay long), from Bhutas the loka (14 bhuvanas and the creatures), then the Karmas (actions with desires) and their fruits were created). 

Nirgun Brahman combined with Maya (reason) became the ISHWARA, the Creator. Ishwar is one  only but with His acts of creation, maintenance and destruction named as Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh in Hinduism. 

Hiranya Garbha (the Prana) is the first body/baby of the Supreme Being, the “Action Brahman”, named as Brahma, Sutratma, Samasti Linga, Jagadatma. He is the sprout of Supreme Being combined with Maya. He creates the Subtle World (सूक्ष्म सृष्टि), the gyan shakti, the kriya shakti, srusti prapancha, the universes, where we are appearing and disappearing following the path of our karma and their fruits. 

The whole world is a Bhogshala (Maya Nagari). We consume the five types of Bhoga: sound, touch, form, taste, smell (शब्द, स्पर्श, रूप, रस, गंध), the quality of five elements of nature: ether, air, fire, water and earth respectively; through the five external organs of senses: ears, skin, eyes, tongue, nose; and five organs of actions: larynx, hand, foot, the excretory and generative organs. Our Karmas decides our future (including next birth). The courier system of the Ishwara is the best, keeps the fruits of our karma ready. The rule of Karma keeps the packets of fruits ready and deliver it timely, wherever we are. The Karmas can’t be ended without the consumption of their fruits. All the creatures on earth (animals, birds, etc) except the humans are considered ‘Papa Yoni”, exist to consume the fruits of their Karmas of past lives. Humans are also the ‘Bhogyoni’ but they have been given freedom to change their Karmas and their outcome/fruits. The cycle never ends except the ‘Atmagyan’ to know the thyself. 

Are we real live entity or a mirror image of someone else, we shall examine it later. But believe or not, this visible world is a creation of God/Hiranya Garbha, and will exist till the power of the desire (Maya) of the Supreme Being ends. 

25 May 2018


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