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Secrets of Hinduism-4

Secrets of Hinduism-4

The Supreme Being is Omnipresent, Omnipotent. There is no space in the Universes where He is absent. Whether in the five elements of nature: ether, air, fire, water and earth; or in the life of the creatures, He is present everywhere in the Universes. He is Chaitanya, live, always with us wherever we are. 

The Supreme Being embodied with knowledge of creation, Maya was formed, and from Maya the sprout Hiranya Garbha born and he creates the subtle world along with the five elements (panchikaran) of the nature. Supreme Being is Chaitanya (live) and Omnipresent, therefore, HE is everywhere, in live objects as well as in non-live objects. For an example, HE is present in me as well as HE is present in my office table. My body, in a format is a physical body and Jada like the table, but my body looks live and moving but the table doesn’t. 


Because I am not only a physical body but also carrying a subtle body. The table doesn’t have the subtle body. The subtle body embodied with my physical body has a capacity to reflect the image of the Supreme Being. For an example, there is a wall and there is a mirror. The wall won’t reflect the Sunlight but the mirror will accept and reflect it. In theory, the subtle body is Jada, but as it is made of Satva, it is pure, therefore it accept the light of the Chaitanya, therefore, it looks alive. We all are not real but are the reflectors of the light of the Supreme Being. (The pictures before us are like a cinema, where everything on the screen is light only but we see the pictures in it) 

From all the creatures on the Earth to the other creations in the universes: yaksha, gandharva, kinnar, Devas, Asuras, Rakshasas, etc, whether living in the Seven higher worlds: bhu, bhuvas, svar, mahas, janas, tapas, and satya; or in the seven lower worlds or underworlds are atala, vitala, sutala, rasaataala, talatala, mahaatala, paatala; all are Jeevas, enjoy the good or bad fruits of their Karmas and move on into the cycle of birth and rebirth. The Indra and Brahma are the titles hold by the Jeevas till they carry the power of the fruits needed for the posts. 

Our subtle body is made of 17 elements: five knowledge senses, five action senses, five Pranas, mind and wisdom. The mind and wisdoms (inner core) carry the strength to accept the light of the Supreme Being. When a person dies, the subtle body departs, and his physical body becomes Jada like the Table. Then the dead body and the table are the same, Jada. The departed subtle body then holds a new body and takes rebirth. In the new birth, the mind continues the same. If somebody commits suicide to get rid off his mind, he can’t, because the mind travels with him in the next birth. Look at our siblings, they are born from the same parents, but their minds and wisdoms make them different from each other. 

The journey of birth and rebirth continues till the cycle doesn’t end with the knowledge of thyself. If the universe created by the God disappears (with his will) (night of Kayamat), the story doesn’t end. When the new Universe is created the jeevas/creatures have to follow the path of the fruits of their Karmas of previous Universe. 

Knowledge of thyself is the only answer for the Moksha (liberation), freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth because the Samsara in any form is full of misery. The Samsara is like a stem of banana or like an onion,  one may remove the slice after slice but won’t get anything out of it. 

Hinduism is a religion of 80% Karmakand (rituals), 16% Upasana (prayers) and only 4% Gyan (knowledge). The Vedas and Six Vedangas give knowledge of Apara, to attain worldly things in 14 lokas with the help of rituals and prayers but can’t give liberation. 96% of the rituals and prayers are for the lot who wishes to continue in the drama and only 4%, the Knowledge of Upanishads, the Para, is for the Jeevas to resign from the drama and to liberate from the Samsara !!!

Some of the questions have no answers? Which came first, the chicken or the the egg? the tree or the seed? The Brahman, the Maya, the Ishwara, the Jeeva, the World, the ignorance, are eternal. None has answer, when they begin and when end...अनादि अनंत: 

Atma Gyan (know thyself) is the only answer for the liberation. One has to search for the answer, Who am I ?

Who are you?

28 May 2018

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