Thursday, December 10, 2015

Are we heading towards WW-III

Are we heading towards World War III ?

With the terrorists attacks the world peace and harmony has been disturbed. The have nots are challenging the haves. The incidents of killing of innocent people are increasing. Religion has been used for brain washing of the younger generation.

Nostradamus predicted Third World War of 27 years of devastation, an Antichrist, the King of Terror will create the horror of deaths that the very earth will cry put of pain. Apart from conventional fights bacterial and nuclear weapons will be used. The Antichrist will take over Europe. Unlike Hitler's "rain of blood," he will use a "rain of blood and milk." A major nuclear confrontation will occur in the Middle East. Draught on earth and fire from sky. The times will be extremely violent and traumatic.

The death of a world leader in Middle East will coincide with the appearance of a comet. When the second Pope is assassinated, the Antichrist will begin his European campaign. The final pope (French) will be a tool of the Antichrist.

And like previous two world wars, Russia will its alliance (three brothers: Russia, Europe and America) diminish the power of the Antichrist.

Who was/is the Antichrist, the King of Terror? Osama Bin Laden, Sadam Hussain or the head of ISIS? Is the Antichrist yet to emerge and come to full power? He is from Middle East. He will be educated in Egypt. The Antichrist will be in action near the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, and the Arabian Sea. The Antichrist will take Thursday as his day of reverence. He will study and emulate Hitler and his techniques avidly to try to surpass him. Before the Antichrist comes to full power, it will appear that other leaders are above him and in control of the power structure. In reality the Antichrist will be using them as stepping stones in his quest for world power.

What was/is the starting date of this 27 years of war? 9/11 (2001) or US attack on Iraq (2003)? Attack over New York city and US having democratic President predicted. Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Middle East, Russia, France, Greece, UK, US and Europe are predicted to be involved in the war. The Antichrist will rise from Syria/Iraq.

Surprisingly, the present fights are going on in that area predicted. Will the next President of US be from Democratic in January 2017? Are we progressing towards nuclear war? If September 11, 2001 is considered a starting date and the war to end in 2028, then we are yet to see the worst time on the earth.

Like his 50% predictions went wrong, let Nostradamus is proved wrong.

Let Peace prevail on earth.

5 December 2015

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