Sunday, December 13, 2015

Let Live and Live (जीने दो और जीओ)

Let Live and Live (जीने दो और जीओ)

Population exploitation has compelled the Indian farmers to move for hybrid seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides to produce more to feed them and generate GDP for the Nation. However, it's share in GDP is declining.

With population increase, the dispensaries and hospitals are increasing. Life style, environment, and longevity of age added many new diseases in the list. And the food generated through hybrid seeds with the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, etc, has played major role in killing pancreas and liver of humans at early age. In fact the food is affecting all the organs of the body.

Look, we are talking about humans only. The modern agriculture is killing the nature to feed the humans. It has changed the ecology and made the land poisonous.

What do we need for better cultivation? Good seeds, fertile earth, moisture and safety from insects and pests. And this is possible without the use of hybrid seeds, chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides.

Don't you believe this? Come and visit Sardar Patel Farm at Kathwada, Ahmedabad (20 kms from Gandhinagar), where a Cardiologist Dr. Dinesh Patel (+91 98 25 332814) and his wife are doing organic farming in 150 acres of land.

He has followed a simple principle, Let Live and Live (जीने दो और जीओ). We are known to the phrase Live and Let Live, keeping the human first in the Centre. But if we keep the other creatures in the centre allowing them to live first, human being a part of the eco system automatically survive with better food and better health.

His tolerance of other creatures of mother nature is paying him more dividends than his practice of cardiology. All are working in his farms. The 20 labourers work for 8 hours a day as daily wagers, but he has free workforce in plenty, working for more hours and some are working 24x7.

Who are they?

The cattle egrets start working from the morning to late evening eating insects of the farm. After taking the crops, the left out roots become the food for the microbes. Termites are happy enjoying dry stems, do not damage the crop. The earthworms are making natural manure in bulk using the earth, roots, dung-feces of animals and birds. The roots, leaves and left over maintain the moisture of the land. There is ample food for all living in the farm. As there stomachs are full, happy they are in turn make the land fertile and productive to generate enough organic food for the humans free from chemicals. The blue bulls understand the language of love and limit themselves to the assigned area for their needs.

He selects plants for seeds and use them. The production cost except the limited electricity bills for irrigation and wages to labourers, all most zero. He has developed a beautiful nursery with varieties of plants and dairy to produce organic milk and ghee. The organic products earn him higher price, all most double or triple compared to the normal stuff. Whatever they produce, that is consumed by the market. As a result he earns more from the farm than his practice of cardiology. And his life in a house in the farm living with nature is much better than a life of city of a jungle of concrete.

Tolerance promotes non violence.

Now his farms has population in billions: microbes termites, pests, insects, birds (egrets, peacocks, parrots, etc), animals (buffalos, blue bulls, dogs, rabbits, etc). His farms has organic food in terms of vegetables and cereals.

Can't we go back to the Indian original method of organic farming?

Save nature, save humans.



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