Thursday, December 10, 2015

UV Light Treatment for Vitiligo

UV Light Treatment for Vitiligo.

I have a friend, Narendra. He met me first in 1994. He had no skin problem. But later after 10 years, he had developed white spots over his hands, that spread over to his face, chest and other parts. When he shifted to Mumbai in 2014, within 6 months, his whole body became white. 

He tried all therapies, allopathy, ayurved, homeopathy, etc, but the medicines used to aggravate his problem more. 

He had Leukoderma-Vitiligo the skin whitening disease. It is a gradual loss of pigment melanin from the skin layers resulting white patches on the surface of skin. It doesn’t make any organic harm as it is caused neither by germs nor due to bad blood but a distressing skin disease. Scientists believe that vitiligo may be an autoimmune process in which the body destroys its own pigment. Methods of establishing a complete cure of vitiligo or leukoderma have been insufficient in the modern science.

Tired of all treatments, at last, Narendra opted for the newly invented UV Light Treatment ( Rays A&B) recommended by his dermatologist. He had to visit the centre 3 times per week for this phototherapy treatment. It's like UV rays (a,b) bath of few minutes. Within a month his body started repigmenting and after the treatment of 6 months, except some patches on hand his whole body become normal. His vitiligo stopped spreading. The doctor considered it a permanent care and touch wood, he is going okay these days. However, home units are available in the market to continue the treatment at home. 

UV Light treatment is currently considered the "gold standard" when vitiligo covers 20% or more of the body. This process is slow, working from the outer edges of each patch inward, so regular vitiligo light therapy twice a week for a year or more. 

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10 December 2015

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