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When I lost my "Mother" on 23 May 2001

When I lost my "Mother" on 23/5/2001

2001 AD was a painful year for our family. I was on earthquake relief duty to Bhuj-Kutch from 27/1/01.

We were living in Gandhinagar in one category below house since August 1995 and were unable to get a change of entitlement. But when the house was damaged due to earthquake on 26/1/2001, Laxmi, my wife met the then CM and with the help of the Secretary R&B and Finance ACS Shri G. Subbarao, a house was allotted in Sector-20, where she moved with luggage without any external help.

I could return home from Kutch duty in the first week of April 2001 to attend my brother-in-law who was seriously ill. Dhawal was writing his 12th science annual exam without our support. My father suddenly developed stomach pain and died in VHS on 12/4/01. We generally avoid VHS but due to the advice of Dr. Tejas Patel, the mistake was committed and we lost him untimely. Due to his death, my mother went into the shock, declared her departure date of 12th May 2001.

After completing father's rituals, we tried to stabilize her. She was a patient of chronic bronchitis. On 9th May morning, she had a complaint of uneasiness. Knowing her will power and declaration of death, fearful we admitted her in Kakadia hospital, Bapunagar. In the evening of 10th, she developed breathing problem. As there was no ventilator free at Civil Hospital, we moved her to Shreya hospital as per the advised of the visiting doctor, Pulmonologist Dr. Parthiv Mehta. At Shreya, he applied an American handy ventilator support for few hours which doesn't require tube insertion in nostrils. She was survived and crossed the date 12th May. On 13th morning, she equated me with Lord Shiva, who stopped her departure second time. But after two days she again had problem of breathing. The handy ventilator was applied but it stopped working after an hour. She was moved on regular ventilator. She was stabilized and started responding through eyes. But next day in the morning, Dr. Mukesh Patel, the assistant doctor removed her ventilator without our knowledge for a trial learning of the side effects of removing the ventilator. Within a minute, she starved for oxygen. The ventilator was applied again but she couldn't recover. She went into coma. The lady doctor hit her chest many times with force to bring her consciousness back, broke her ribs. She developed pneumonia through cross infection in the hospital.

All round exploitation by hospital business started with room rent, ventilator charge, medical reports, blood tests, costly prescription of expensive injections that were going into the pockets of the nurses who used to keep away the family members while attending the patient. It goes back to the store at the medical store on ground for resale. My wife caught them red handed with the theft of injections.

At last, when all the chances of her survival failed, we requested the doctors to remove her ventilator. She was discharged from the hospital with a heavy bill of Rs. 1.75 lakh. She was moved to home. And after 3 hours of life she left the world at 8.30 PM on 23 May 2001.

We lost both of our "Living Gods" on earth in 42 days.

Many of our relatives, friends, staff, officers shared our grief including 4-5 IAS colleagues of our cadre. The IAS association EC of that time was busy in cancellation of our house allotment as it was allotted as a special case!

28 December 2015


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