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When I lost my "Father" on 12 April 2001

When I lost my "Father" on 12 April 2001.

Dr. Tejas Patel, Padmashri, delivered a speech in the function of HH Pramukh Swami's 95th birthday celebration at Sarangpur on 19 December 2015. His narration of pacemaker surgery on HH Pramukh Swami with local short timer anesthesia looking at the risk of sedation, once again opened a painful corner deep in my heart in which I lost my father due to the carelessness of the Doctors of VS Hospital, Ahmedabad in the afternoon on 12 April 2001.

My father Khemchand (80 Y) had complained of stomach pain in the left abdominal in the morning on 10/4/2001. Initially he thought, it may be a constipation problem, but when the pain didn't subside he contacted me in the afternoon. With the very high regards and trust we straight away went to the clinic of Dr. Tejas Patel at Paladi. After checking the problem of angina pain, he had advised me to admit my father in VS Hospital under the personal care of his assistant doctor visiting the hospital everyday. He gave courage to my father to not to worry and he will live for another 7 years. We were greatly relieved from the stress. My father always happy with the nature of Dr. Tejas Patel told me that he didn't offer tea to him this time.

We went straight to VS Hospital and took admission in ICCU as per his advice but against the will of my father. After the first aid and dopamine drip that night was passed well. Second day my father wanted to go to home because he wished to leave the world from our home. I met the HoD Dr. Bhupesh Shah in the afternoon for his discharge but he said no to us looking at his unstable and non movable condition. He advised me to wait for a day and trust the Doctors team for the care. I contacted the then Municipal Commissioner through phone for help in treatment attention but he was not available. I told his PS to bring the matter to his notice but nothing was heard from that side. I was there in the hospital till 11 PM that night. But severe back pain due to long standing of the day compelled me to return home. Keeping two nephews at the hospital, I left for Gandhinagar with a note to phone me in case of emergency.

Once my father knew that I have gone, he started a fight to return home. The nephew instead of calling me, called my elder brother from nearby house in Ahmedabad. The doctor on the duty wrote a prescription of drug and injected my father. It was a sedation drug. He went into the sedation. Next morning on 12/4/2001, he woke up at 7.30 AM, and again asked to return home, but the doctor on duty gave another injection of sedation. That was deadly.

Unaware of the events in the hospital, when I reached VSH at around 10 AM, my father was in Coma. The drip was removed. Morning dose of drugs remained as it is at the corner.  The doctor on duty Dr. Salim was reading a book. I asked him about his condition but he was least interested to talk. He told me that he is in a condition of a tired horse. When I asked him about the reversal treatment for the sedation, he replied no treatment except to wait. I tried to argue, why did the doctor injected sedation drug to the heart patient twice? There was no answer. I knew the seriousness because the doctor was very cautious in giving anesthesia dose to him while operating him for orchiodectomy few months ago.

I tried to approach the Head, Dr. Bhupesh Shah, but he was in OT. I contacted Dr. Tejas Patel and he advised me to wait for the sedation drugs recovery and also advised not to go for any surgery at this age with the condition of his heart. Helpless I was, praying God to bring my father in consciousness.

I got the discharge papers ready to leave the hospital as soon as my father come in consciousness.

At around 2.30 PM he became conscious little bit. His hands and legs were cold like ice. His head was feverish. He asked who we are and again went into unconsciousness. The doctors other than Salim who was reading book, were not available.

At around 3 PM couple of junior doctors came and saw the state of his condition. One lady doctor shouted she will not give sedation injection any more. A experience nurse looked at my father and told me that this is not sleep, he is dying. A tremor of fear passed through my body. My legs started stumbling. And within few minutes suddenly his body lifted little up, his left eye moved clockwise and he collapse in seconds. My father died. Suddenly two doctors came rushing and gave electric shocks but failed to recover.

He was in need of rest. He was in need of a cup of tea. He was in need of passing his urine and stool. He was in need of warmth from the family members. But the careless Doctors on duty killed my father through sedation drugs. He might have died after some hours, days, months or years, but that was not his natural departure moment, I believe.

We accepted the verdict as the will-act of God. But whenever I hear some discussion about the heart care, my heart goes into deep pain because the event has been recorded in my subconscious brain very sharply.

20 December 2015


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