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Rama nama a life mantra

Rama nama a life mantra

When somebody dies, what happens? A person was walking, talking, suddenly goes off. What happened? The light bulb went off. Light has gone out. રામ રમી ગયા. Hindus say, રામ બોલો ભાઈ રામ.

Who was lighting this life? The God, in form of electricity. Do you know, where is the power station? How it generates the electricity which keep our building (the body) lighted 24x7. It is the Electrical System (cardiac conduction system) that prompts the heart's muscle to contract. With each contraction, blood is pumped throughout the body. The process begins in the upper chambers of the heart (atria), which pump blood into the lower chambers (ventricles). Each beat, diastole and systole gives us light of life.

Cardiologists in the world will explain the electricity that runs the heart through SA node, AV node, His-Purkinje system. The Sinoatrial (SA) node, located in the right atrium of heart, is a natural pacemaker, responsible for the heartbeat, generate electrical impulses throughout the heart. The Atrioventricular (AV) node, located on the interatrial septum close to the tricuspid valve, electrically connects the right atrium and right ventricle. The His-Purkinje system, located along the walls of heart's ventricles. With each heartbeat, the electrical signals move from SA node to AV node and then to the bundle of His.
From the bundle of His, the signal fibres divide into left and right bundle branches through the Purkinje fibres. These fibres connect directly to the cells in the walls of your heart's left and right ventricles. If everything in order, we live healthy and happy life. But any disorder in the electrical cycle, beats disturbed, the pumping disturbed and the life disturbed. 

Heart is an involuntary muscle, contracts automatically, even in the absence of any neurological input. Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system control the heart rate, therefore, emotions do disturb the heart health as Heart is the source of all emotions. Negative emotions can suppress the immune system, increase stress levels, cause the heart to beat faster, blood pressure to rise, and even change the heart's electrical stability, all of which can lead to heart disease and stroke. Similarly, an emotional excess of joy can also scatter the spirit. One has to find the balance as per the ageing of the heart. But it is difficult as the weak heart creates more emotional disturbances. 

Since childhood, I hear bhajans, and mostly they tell us, મારા રામ રુદીયાની માંય રે, મારા સદ્ગુરૂ રુદીયાની માંય રે, હું કઠે ઢૂંઢવા ન જાઉં રે (My Rama lives in my heart, my Sadguru lives in my heart, I shouldn't go anywhere to search Him). 

Why Rama is linked with our heart? When Rama (the Soul) goes away, Dashrath (body with 10 properties - 5 gyanendriyas and 5 karmendriyas) died. Hinduism found the answer for the health of the heart in Rama nama as medicine. It is that Ramanama (  ઁ) (half moon and bindi-anuswar of ॐ) gives peacefulness to the heart to run it in rhythm  with rhythmic power supply. Hanuman (immortal), Kabir, Tulsidas, Gandhi, etc were the great Ram Bhaktas. 

Rama was a mantra practiced before Lord Rama was born. It is the music of human heart, once listened, you will fall in love with Him. Rama is the life energy, the light of our house (body). Rama nama maintains balance of heart during emotional disturbances.

If your heart is disturbed, remember Rama is not happy with you. You have to do good to others to make the Rama (life energy) happy. Otherwise, one day, He will leave the body in darkness of the death. Instead people say, રામ બોલો ભાઈ રામ, let us chant Ramnama overselves to make the life happier and healthier. Our body is the "Temple of Rama", in which Rama lives.

Hanuman became immortal with the mantra "Rama". After Ravan Vadh and completion of Vanvasa of 14 years, Lord Rama became king of Ayodhya. In the coronation ceremony, many have been given gifts. Sita gifted a beautiful diamond necklace to Hanuman. Hanuman took the necklace, carefully examined each and every diamond, pulled them apart, and threw them away as he couldn't find Rama in any one of them. When asked if Lord Rama was in Hanuman himself, he tore his chest apart to reveal his heart. The on-lookers, saw the image of both Rama and Sita appearing on his heart. Rama is in his heart. Each individual is the Hanuman has a capacity to kill 10 evils (Ravana) prohibiting the ways of salvation with the Bhakti of Rama.

The wealth carry no worth as there is no Rama. Look at the eyes of the all creatures. You will see the lights of Rama in their eyes. सर्वं खल्विदं ब्रह्म' (sarvam khalvidam brahma, teaches that 'All this is indeed Brahman'

Rama (the Soul) lives in our heart. Rama the Soul and his Bhakti Sita united together gives the peace and prosperity of life.

Ram Siyaram, Jai Jai Ram Siyaram.

🙏Jai Shree Ram🙏

19 January 2017


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