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Salvation a desire of all humans

Salvation a desire of all humans

There is a Trimandir at Adalaj. Every year there is Parayan for a week from 24-31 December. Dada Bhagwan (late Shri Ambalal Muljibhai Patel) attained Kaivalya and explained the path of liberation in easy words. After the departure of Niruma (Dr Niruben Amin), Shri Deepakbhai Desai leads the Akram Vigyan movement, gives detail explanation about prakruti and Sahajta and Aatma. 

This year, to meet my curiosity, I have attended morning session of the Parayana on 31/12/16. There are more than 15,000 people who have come from all over india and world. Around 100 have come from Germany. There were followers from US, Brazil, Spain, Kenya and other countries. 

The method of Satsang was very simple. One Sadhak was reading line to line from the book, Aptvani (Satsang of Dada Bhagvan) and Deepakbhai was explaining the meaning. The Sadhakas have freedom to raise question anytime, therefore, some of them were asking questions in between and Deepakbhai was answering. At the end of the session some questions were taken from the audience and Deepakbhai gave answers to them. 

It was really surprising that foreigners were asking questions on the thought process of the mind and were trying to understand the words pudgal, file 1. file2, pratikraman, mishra chetan, shuddha chetan, etc, to reach to the goal of the stage of Suddhatma. 

Today the chapter was on drasta, darshan and kaivalya. It was explained that whatever we are doing with Buddhi following our mind and ego are the acts of Mishra Chetan, which carry the fruits of our karmas. Therefore, till we are in Mishra Chetan stage, we can't progress on the path of liberation. For that one has to raise a level up from Buddhi to Pragya, in which the Shuddh Chetan starts watching the Mishra Chetan and it's acts. Separating Chandu (the Jiva) and making him an object of watching (file 1) is the first step of the Sadhana of this path. The unwise (simple) can attain liberation faster that the wiseman because, the wise is living in the jail of his/her ego.

It was quite interesting that the common men are observing themselves and taking all corrective steps those are obstructing them reaching to the stage of Shuddhatma. Once, an individual is reached to the destination, then he/she has to leave the Pragya behind because it was a mean to attend the goal. The journey of Mishra Chetan Atma to Shuddhatma is the journey of Moksha (liberation). People have to walk very slowly on this path step by step. They don't worry about the tip of the mountain but walk carefully in the present moment, the step a head. They don't discard the question, but keep it pending so that while walking on the path of life, one day they get the answer themselves. Because when you start observing yourself as a separate entity 24x7, you come under the scanner of yourself. You have to pass your exams. 

Deepakbhai took some 8-10 questions and when closed the session, an old lady Shardaben Prajapati came in the front of the Dias and requested him for a permission to ask a question. Deepakbhai first said no, but when the lady insisted more, he allowed her to ask. She is from a potter community and in the business of making bricks. She asked, "when we fire the bricks, many insects burn and die and I feel very sad every time. We have burned many all these years. Now after killing so many Jeevas, can I attain Moksha? I want moksha but always worried about our karmas of burning insects." What an innocence!

Deepakbhai answered her yes, with an advice to pray God for forgiving her for the act she did as it was community compulsion. Pratikraman, introspecting oneself and praying God to forgive and to remain alert on next karma to avoid mistakes of the past is the path of Moksha, Salvation, Self realisation of Dada Bhagwan. It's called 'Akram Vigyan', a shortcut path of enlightenment.

They worship Tridevas: Simandhar Swami, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Simandhar Swami for them is a God living in human form on another Earth. As per Jain Sashan, we are living in the fifth Ara. The coming 6th Ara will be more painful. Therefore, those jeevas wishing to move out of the life of pain and cycle of birth and rebirth can walk on the path of Akram Vigyan and attain Moksha (liberation), the stage of a burned seed, that won't sprout again. 

There are two stages of liberation. In the first stage you experience a sense of freedom from unhappiness in this very life and experience the bliss of Self (Atma) from within; and in second stage when all karmas are completely exhausted, one becomes free from the cycle of birth and death, the ultimate liberation. Akram Vignan empowers one to remain unaffected in the midst of any situation, and thus experience the first stage of liberation. The knowledge of Self(Atma) is attained through gyan vidhi of two hours, thereafter, following five agyas with right understanding and firm conviction, he/she progresses on the path of liberation reaching the state of Shuddhatma. Purush with Purushartha leave the Samsara and merge into the blissful ocean of Self. 

Jai Sachchidanand.

1 January 2017


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