Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Just change the sight

Just change the sight

We see the world and the universe of many diversities. We have developed our likes and dislikes (raga and dwesha) with our experiences with this external visible world. In fact, our experience is our world because we see all the persons and objects as per the pictures coming up on our mind screen. Our mind (chitta) is creator of our world as Brahma. With repeated experiences when the picture of the world take a shape of objects, we see many objects in the world. That is Vishnu status of our mind, the sthiti (position). But when we, with the help of Shastras or Guru, dissolve our desires and develop a sight of Samata (equanimity), the world created by Brahma (our chitta) disappears. Our sight changes. We see everything one, the manifestation of Almighty, the Brahman. The Universe, the Galaxies, the Stars, the planets, the five elements, the creatures, etc, all merge into one picture, the Brahman. Then, no happiness makes you intoxicated or no sorrow makes you depressed. With the loss of wealth, power, persons, nothing is lost because the waves disappear but the Ocean exists as it is. The distinction or difference goes away. The desires extinguish. The fire in the heart stops as the source of heat (desires) turns off. Satchidanand Almighty is very much there. No efforts are require to get Him. The efforts (sadhana) are only to remove the clouds (created by our ego and desires), those are stopping us from realising His presence everywhere. Efforts, sadhana, Shastra, Guru, Satsang, etc, are only to uncover the cortex of agyan/avidhya; so that Samata (sameness, equanimity) of sight develops. Samyak Darshan. That is bodha, that is Buddhatva, that is Moksha, that is Param Pad. The heart burn of desires (fire) is replaced by the peacefulness and blissfulness like full moon. And the person who has achieved this Samata state of mind is the Tirtha himself, the Tirthankar. His Darshana, his Bodha are the lighthouse for all who are walking on the path of Nirvana. It is just changing of a sight. 

नजरें जो बदली, तो नजारे बदल गये ।

कश्ती ने जो बदला रूख, तो किनारे बदल गए।। 

4 June 2017


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