Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rainfall Jamajam

Rainfall Jamajam, Gujarati Proverbs

Sun Transit in Ardra Nakshatra from 21 June to 4 July has given a very good spell rain of 206 mm in Gujarat this year. Rainfall in June is on an average 90-100 mm. But this year, it is one of the highest of the LPA. IOD has given positive results. વરસે આદ્ર્ા તો વરસ જાય પાધરા (good).

Now the two phases of Sun transit in Punarvasu from 5 July to 19 July and in Pushya fron 20 July to 2 August are important.  પખ (punarvasu) અને વખ (pushya) બે વાદીલા, વરસે તો વરસે, નહીતર ઠાલા ને ઠાલા. 

Do you know farmers use the transit of Sun in Ashlesha for a special purpose? The period from 2 August to 16 August for weeding of grass from the farm. The grass removed during this period won't grow again. Castor will be sowed after plough during Sun transit in Ashlesha.

Then comes Magha 16 August to 29 August, if rains the crop yields multiplied. વરસે મઘા તો ધનના થાય ઢગા.

But rain during Purva Falguni (30 August to 13 September) is considered bad for some crops. વરસે પૂરવા તો ખેડુત બેઠા ઝૂરવા.

If rains during Sun transit in Hast (26 September to 9 October), considered auspicious. વરસે હાથીયો પૂરાવે ઘરમાં સાથીયો.

If rains during Sun transit in Chitra (10 October to 22 October), it is disastrous. વરસે ચિત્ત તો પાડે ભીંત. 

O El Niño, stay away from us; and O Sun-March combo, be calm; we wish to enjoy the normal monsoon this year, as the start of the season is very good. 

Happy rainy season. Barkha bahar aayi, ras ki fuhar layee.....

6 July 2017


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