Monday, July 17, 2017

Interlaken, the Summer home of Indian

Interlaken, Summer Home of Indian

Every year, hundreds of Gujarati's are visiting and staying at Interlaken and surrounding places and spend their summer days here. 

Many romantic songs of Indian movies shot here. The journey started by legendary actor Raj Kappor with his film Sangam in 1964, followed by Shakti Shamanta's An evening in Paris in 1967, then comes the legendary filmmaker Late Yash Chopra made Switzerland the part of almost his every film. Through his films, he introduced the lush green meadows, snow-capped Alps, pristine lakes of Switzerland to India. Those are the days of intense militant activities in Kashmir Valley.  Slowly drifted away from Kashmir,  many filmmakers followed the same path and Switzerland became an integral part of many romantic Bollywood Movies. Till date more than 80 Hindi Movies and more than 200 Indian Movies have been shot in Switzerland. 

As the Bollywood romance with Switzerland continued, tourism industry in Switzerland started booming.  Switzerland became the most romantic dream destination among the youth getting married in India and planning a honeymoon there. Yash Chopra captured the beautiful landscapes all around Switzerland with his beautiful actor couple singing and dancing around them. This was the most exciting idea of the romance and he became famous as the King of Romance. Switzerland equally honoured the role of Yashji to promote Tourism in Switzerland among the Indians. A beautiful lake, where he shot many movies, is famously known as Chopra Lake.  He was felicitated with the honorary Swiss Ambassador Award by the Embassy of Switzerland and honoured with the title 'Amabssador of  Interlaken', his favourite town in Switzerland. A train named after Yash Chopra was also launched in Jungfrau Railways in Switzerland. There is a statue of late Yash Chopra with his camera in shoot style in the garden of the city. 

Nature speaks here. Beautiful mountains fold, glaciers, beautiful lush green terrain surrounded by mountains of Alps; pure air, rivers and streams flowing with milky water; green cover of the nature full of trees, shrubs, colourful flowers; 'Green Gold' of evergreen grasslands of meadows and pastures full of with fruitful grasses, juicy herbs and clover; healthy cows and cattle grazing with wearing brass bells adding sound in the nature and turning grass into milk and meat; clean and potable water from all sources; gourmet food; cleanliness of highest standards; houses, streets and masts revealing Swiss feelings, thoughts and actions; sound train, bus and cruise network for transportation; souvenirs shops full with Swiss skilled watches and bells; chocolate shops; streets, places of attractions and transportation full of international tourists mainly from India, China and Arabian world; etc, made this place the heaven for human on earth.

And in such a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere Morari Bapu sermons on Manas Swarg (heaven), the righteous actions, with a chopai of Ramcharit at Congress Centre, in Casino of the City Centre in Interlaken in front of his 1000 followers came from US, UK, Africa and India. Who won't go? Don't you temp to rush to the site immediately, without wasting a minute of your stressful life?

The top of Europe Jungfrau is nearby from Interlaken. It at 4158 metre (13,642 feet) is one of the main summits and most distinctive sight of Alps. Jungfrau means virgin, now no more virgin as thousands of tourists visit this place every year. The construction of the Jungfrau railway by holing up the mountain, one of the highest works of engineering skills of human in the early 20th century, connecting Kleine Scheigegg to the Jungfrauujoch, the saddle between the Minch and the Jungfrau, mad the area one of the most visited places in Alps, a lifetime railway experience in Switzerland. To leave from Interlaken or Grindelwald or Wengen and start by taking a unique moderncogwheel railway to Kleine Scheidegg, 6762 feet up; and from there, the Jungfrau railway climbs to the Eiger Glacier station, well known for its mountain restaurant and polar dog kennel, then continue through the Eiger tunnel, only stopping to enjoy spectacular vistas on the way to the highest railway station in Europe. Switzerland’s most breathtaking scenery.   View a 13.6 mile ice stream, an Ice Palace, and views that will melt your heart. You are on top of the world. Sensing the taste of their most respectful tourists from India, the restaurant at Jungfrau serves Bollywood Food!!

Run fast, don't be slow, you will be soon on Top of the World at Interlaken, the Heaven on Earth.

17 July 2017

NB: There are many places in Himalayas of India from Kashmir to Northeast, can be made heavens for tourists if infrastructure like Switzerland is made and the militancy rests in peace.

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