Sunday, July 23, 2017

We are the richest tourists destination

We are the richest tourists destination

We are the richest nation in terms of history, culture, scenic beauty, thousands of places of tourists attractions and varieties of food to meet with the tastes of the tongues of humans. What is flavour of food and taste, many people in the developed world don't understand. Little salt and pepper are sufficient for them to serve any food baked or cooked with minimum efforts. They have limited varieties of vegetables, therefore vegetables are used mostly as salads or as filling. Home kitchens are generally off, therefore, all streets are full with restaurants, full with people eating and drinking during the day. If you look around, the dishes are full with junk foods: French fried, pizzas, non veg burgers, salads with toppings, and a drink (coke or beer), etc. Their desserts and ice creams are rich in sugar. It is the staple food of the developed world. Their breakfast in the morning and post lunch are mostly with a cup of coffee and croissant.

What are their tourists spots? Buildings of medieval period, shopping malls, restaurants, gardens, amusement parks? Switzerland has mountains and scenic beauty. And what we have, heritage buildings, monuments, handicrafts, mountains, snowy picks, rivers, sea beaches, forests, wild life, gardens and parks, varieties of food with fragrance and flavours, many bites to enjoy the breakfast, etc. Very very rich visit for the tourists to enjoy.

But they have much more than we offer to the tourists. The best and cheap public transportation facilities on road and rail (day-weekly pass system), great infrastructure of roads-rail-bridges, potable drinking water, highest standard of cleanliness of all the places whether public or private, no dust, no mosquitoes, disciplined lifestyle, regulations, no encroachments on public streets, few but cultured beggars, respects for the tourists, security and safety (barring few known places), quality of goods and services at fixed rates and without cheating, public information counters and hotel counters are full with maps and guides, souvenir shops with quality items, all the places google map enabled, SIM cards and easy Internet, etc, making the life easy for the tourists; are the major plus points of these destinations where thousands of tourists are going and spending billions of dollars everyday. Their airports, streets, tourists spots, transportation and restaurants are crowded with tourists from China, India, Japan, and all other parts of the world.

Whatever their pluses are our minuses. Our personal and community both the hygienes are poor. Our Indian curry makes the bowls irritable and make all the public toilets dirty and stinking, our streets are crowded with encroachments, roads are full with indiscipline traffic make the tourists suffocating, our public transport is poor make the tourists life difficult without guide, beggars run after the tourists when they are just to take a bite, uncertainty of tariffs and route when they travel by auto rickshaw or taxi, late evening traveling sometimes risky for the young girls, men's hungry eyes gazing over women with sexual motivation at some places horrible, single rape or killing of tourist women/girl results in withdrawal of tourists in thousands, etc are our minus points.

Why tourists come? For pleasure, for relaxing, to know the world around, to see the beauty and places on Earth, to love the arts and culture, to enjoy holidays with their dear and near once. And what do they demand: safety and security, easy public transportation, easy connectivity, guides and maps, better communication with google enable maps and directions, cleanliness at public and private places, clean and better toilets and urinals, shopping without cheating, quality of goods and services, hygienic good food that don't disturb their stomachs, potable drinking water, good places/hotels to stay, beggars free streets, etc.

If we do so, tourism only can develop millions of jobs for our youths. The spending of tourists and job creation can add 1-2% growth rate of our GDP. And all these things, government only can't do. It can build the infrastructure, but general culture of tourists friendliness is to be developed by the people themselves. Tourists should feel ease with us so that they prefer our apartments to hotels. Government on other side may continue building infrastructure of transport and communication, create fear of regulation to ensure safety and security of tourists; tourism department can enhance IEC activities, increase information and guide nets, build capacity of cooks to meet with the tastes of the tourists, etc; civic administration can provide cleanliness and hygiene at all levels, ensure supply of quality of goods and services, remove beggars from the streets and tourists places, remove encroachments, ensure proper implementation of building codes, etc.

And the most important is winning the heart of the tourists. Using emotional intelligence, we can do that. India is the best provided we meet with the standards of the services and culture, tourists friendly.

23 July 2017


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