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National Doctors' Day 1st July

Nation Doctors' Day 1st July 

"We have not lost the faith, but we have transferred it from God to the medical profession" -George Bernard Shaw

On 1st July, the country celebrated Doctor's Day in remembrance and in honour of Bharat Ratna Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, (MBBS, MRCP, FRCS) on his birthday (1/7/1882) and also death anniversary (1/7/1962). He was a physician and freedom fighter, had served West Bengal as Chief Minister from 23/01/1948 till he died on 1/7/1962. He used to served his patients everyday by taking out time from the busy schedule of the CM. 

Medical profession is a noble profession, great service to the mankind. Nurses are the uncelebrated soldiers toiling through days and nights in the service to the sick, the injured and the dying. They are one of the reasons of human population explosion on Earth! Antibiotics and Doctors have increased the life expectancy and reduced the number of IMR, MMR and unnatural deaths. 

With the population rise, economic advancement, demand of better quality of life, governments' priority of providing health services to the common men through network of PHCs, CHCs, Hospitals; the demand of doctors and nurses are increasing all over the world. It is profession, where the placement is 100%. You won't find medics and paramedics unemployed. Therefore, there is heavy rush of students for admissions in medical colleges. 

But due to MCI norms, the colleges network of making of doctors is not developed equal to the network of colleges for engineers. It takes nearly 10 years of study and hard work after the 12th for a student to become a complete doctor. When we see the dropouts in primary, high school and secondary, one may understand that how the best of the brains are joining the medical field. When the admission starts, there is a long queue, but due to seats limitations only few gets the chance to study medical. 

It is therefore, in 2008, our the then visionary CM Shri Narendra Modi had set up a Committee to prepare a road map to double the capacity of MBBS admissions in the State. The Committee gave a very ‘simple’ suggestion: start 25 new medical colleges of 100 capacity each or 16 colleges with capacity of 150 each – to add 2400-2500 Undergraduate Medical seats. 

In a short span of 9 years, already 12 colleges have come up adding 1800 seats, and it seems very likely that the target of 2500 will be achieved in near future. As a part of this strategy, GMERS (Gujarat Medical Education and Research Society) was formed in 2009. GMERS has passed through different phases during its existence of 8 years. Bureaucrats make the ideas of leader operationalised. Mr Rajesh Kishore, IAS (1980) nurtured the GMERS as his favourite baby. It was started in hurry. He led from the front. He used to visit one institute every week and presided over recruitment of Faculties through almost 50 rounds of interviews till July 2014. It was during his tenure that main Service Rules and Recruitment Rules for most important cadres were framed. Five colleges were established during his tenure. Today GMERS has 8 medical colleges with hospitals. It has 775 faculties on roll, 616 (80%) are direct recruitees of GMERS while 159 are on ‘deputation’ from Government service. They are supported with more than 2500 strong nursing work-force, to run the hospital services. 

When GMERS took over the existing six hospitals, the total bed strength was 1150. Today its eight hospitals have more than 4800 beds. GMERS has provided scope to study Medicine within Gujarat to 4550 students (up to 2016 admission year). More than 250 have already obtained MBBS degree and some have entered post-graduation. About 700 are doing Internship.

Some more medical colleges with hospitals will come up as per the Health Policy of the government. 

We shall greet our Doctors for their noble services to the mankind.

Our salute to Shri Rajesh Kishore, Dr. Jatin Buch, the Deans, the Medical Superintendents and the faculties to make the dream come true.

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes time. Vision with action can change the world." -Joel A. Barker

Laughter is the best medicine unless you have diarrhoea. Lol. 😂 

3 July 2017


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