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New Challenges before the Leaders

New Challenges before the Leaders

It was a very good evening with the ex Cabinet Secretary of Govt of UK, Lord Richard Wilson at Peterhouse the oldest college of Cambridge yesterday.  He was explaining about the role of a civil servant in the fast changing world. It is hard for the politicians to say no to the people therefore they made demand on civil servants to meet with people's expectations. Press is also powerful and always looking for bad stories. Demands for information is more in the new world of Social media and RTI. It has increased the openness of the administration. It's a world of IT. In 1992, there were 83 websites, now it is a World of internet flooded with information. It has increased the workload of civil servants through emails and messages and also demands speed of work. 

He was explaining the international polity of the new world where China has raised as the most powerful country. Old hageman America and new hageman China are now coming face to face. There are new challenges before the world posed by North Korea, Middle East Crisis of ISIS, Syria's conflict with IS, refugees problem, Italy under debt, India's huge potential, unforeseen shocks, etc, are suggesting that next 25 years will be radical. All these will have implications over economy, over the jobs and over politics. The bureaucrats will be under focus as spot light dealing with the subjects with integrity and honesty. 

He has advised that each civil servant must remember 6 things. The political leaders have to perform beyond slogans, therefore, as civil servants you should: 

1) Keep a Team of skilled people unlike of you to guide. Beware of the Praising staff as they read and observe you, and discuss on coffee table about what they think of you. You are all the time on show, under their observance. Bring on the young people who are educated, enthusiastic, energetic, and intelligent. Pay them well so that they continue with you. 

2) Reputation of civil servant is important because it is his ability to influence people. Therefore, maintain integrity and honesty.

3) Take good training as it is crucial for the development of a civil servant. 

4) Look after yourself, know yourself, maintain health well. Get enough sleep because if you look exhausted, you may fail motivating your team. 

5) Appear well because the team as you are working above them. Don't be angry, improve personal interaction with them. Communicate that what they do matter, work a trust so that they feel valued. 

6) Build you skill of news management and maintain openness. 

When asked him about the changing role of judiciary entering into the executive field, unaware of the Indian condition, he explained that Judiciary has a big role to play. Power needs checks and balances, therefore, parliament, judiciary and media are checks over the power to balance. Sometimes, persons working for you becomes a challenge. When Mr. Blare didn't have challenge from the external forces, his minister Mr. Brand became a challenge to him. Therefore, one has to remain careful always. 

His advice is very useful to the civil servants of the world. 

We as civil servants are surrounded by the Boss, Peers, Stakeholders and our Team which consists of Baby B, X, Y and Z generations. Baby Boomers are the silent generation of people born between 1946 to 1964. X is a generation of people born between 1960 to 1980. Y is a generation of people born between 1980 to 1998 and the Z is a generation of people born after 1998. Each generation has different factors of motivation. As a leader, one has to identify the motivation factors for each group and use them to bring change in the system for better performance.

X is a generation of people working hard, sit for long hours and continue with the same position for many years. Y generation is unique, techno savvy and important for the world economy. They are the drivers. They are small in number but carry more bargaining power. They demand promotion quickly as they can't wait in the same position for many years. They don't respect title. Boss, so what? They respect if the Boss deserves it. They are more adaptable and clear about their goals. They want challenging job. They are active on social media. As civil servant, we have to provide space for the Y generation to grow. 

As a civil servant, our role is more of management than of leadership; more of compliance than commitment. We are manager progressing to leader, provided we break the DNA. Both IQ and EQ are important for us to grow as a leader. Build Team, motivate them and work more to become better civil servants. 

10 July 2017

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