Friday, November 6, 2015

Great Gandhi no parallel

Great Gandhi no parallel

Gandhiji was tried for Sedition and sentenced to six years (Ahmedabad trial 1922). He was sent to jail. The family was allowed to meet once in a month. Kasturba came to meet Gandhiji. A big table with chair on both the sides (facing each other) were placed for their meeting. Both sat facing each other. The Jailer was present but he had very high regards for Gandhi. Therefore, he left the room to provide privacy to the couple to talk freely. After half an hour when he returned, he saw the couple was sitting in silence, in the same position without any talk.

Why didn't you talk? I had given you privacy. The Jailer asked Gandhi.

As per the jail manual, we can talk only in the presence of the Jailer. As you went away, we are waiting for you to come, so that we can talk in your presence. Gandhi replied.

He was a unique leader.

6 November 2015


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