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India Day Celebration in LBSNAA, Mussoorie

India Day Celebration in LBSNAA Mussoorie

15 November 2014, Saturday Morning was very vibrant in the campus of LBSNAA Mussoorie. It was "India Day Celebration" of 89th FC probationers of AISs. A celebration of the vibrant diversity and rich cultural histories converging at the academy.
Weather also joined the celebration with a clear day, shining Sun and the 'Queen of Hills' Mussoorie was looking the most beautiful with a commanding view of snow capped peaks of Himalayan Range (Gangotri to Badrinath) in the northeast. 
The campus was in colours as all of us wearing ethnic dresses. Flowers, Rangoli, craft bazaar adding more colours to the event.

At 9AM the "barrat procession" from Academy main gate to Kalindi Lawns started. The Director with his colleagues welcomed and received the 'baraats' coming from West, North, East and South direction of the Country. All the probationary officers of AISs were vibrant enjoying dance, music and fun of baraats with brides and bridegrooms. 
Western baraat with barrati in colourful turbans, lezim, dandia and ghumar dance groups, with 2 horses guard started first. Northern baraat in bright colours with Punjabi Bhangada, Gidda and sword play team of professionals followed them vibrantly. Eastern baraat with traditional music with a colourful Manipuri couple making colourful appearance was third in raw. And the 4th Southern baraat started with aarti and breaking coconut by the Director. His face became wet with the juice poured out of coconut. With bahurupiya Rama-Ravana and baraatis wearing masks of animals, this barrat was looking more traditional.

With lot of music, dance and colours all baraats reached Kalindi Lawns. Hunger was at the peak. All enjoyed breakfast of variety of dishes of Dhokla of West, Chhole-Bhature of North, and Vada-Idaly-Sambhar of South with many other varieties and Garma Garam Jalebi as dessert.
Meanwhile, the Director inaugurated the 'craft mela'. Award winner artisans came and are displaying their arts and crafts, "the artistic hands of India".
Amphitheatre was waiting for all of us to display the great show of Indian culture. It started with Nite Dance of Bhutan and ended with Bhangra of Punjab. The Bihari lala dance, love story of Jignesh-Suman with villain RaPa, powerful girls of Punjab dancing Gidda, Kollattam and drum bitting dances of AP and South, classical dance of Kerala and rustic police station of Haryana made our afternoon joyful. The Sun was shining at its peak and probationers here were performing at their best.
Not so hungry but it was a hospitality lunch in Indian style (sit down and eat) arranged by the FC officers with many Indian varieties of food; Payasam from Kerala, Sarsoka da saag and Makkedi roti from Punjab, Chhole-Biryani-Roti-Paratha- from North, baghara bengan from AP, Sweet coconut roti with ghee from Karnataka, Rasam from TN, NV items, a long list to narrate. "India Together" with Gajar Halwa and Sweet/Salty Lassi made our belly full. The lunch and event completed with offering sonf-sugar and thanks with a smiling faces of 89th FC officers.

A memorable event of life, seamlessly enjoyed.

Punamchand, '85, Ph-5
15 November 2014

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