Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A journey from Pirotan to Silicon Valley

A journey from Pirotan to Silicon Valley.

Have you been to Pirotan Island? 

An island on Gujarat coast, some 22 km (12 nautical mile) off the coast from Bedi port near Jamnagar. There is a shrine of Khwaja Khijer Pir. Pir jo than (place), therefore it is called Pirotan. Khwaja Khijer is called Jhulelal by Sindhi and Dariyalal by Hindus. His shrines are on all coasts of the world. All khalasis pray Dariyalal for their safety in the Sea. He is an immortal Pir, who comes riding a horse with a lantern in hand. When he comes, people smell incense and a sound of horses. Few people claim that they have seen and met Dariyalal! 

Pirotan island is a rich site to see marine life particularly the corals.  (Poshitra, another site is richer to watch more varieties of corals). The sand is white and apart from marine life one may watch 5000+ birds, mostly the Stiltes and Crab Provers. Sea Gulls and Pelicans also come. One may see corals during low tide but that area is mostly muddy. The sea beach is lovely, no less than Goa and Australia.

We understand that land mass can't be increased. 

But do you know that Corals make the earth? 

They are colonial animals, use sea water algae and secrete a calcium carbonate skeleton, shaped like a branching tree. Coralreefs protect and create land. The silica created by corals are used in making computer chips, the semiconductor that contains memories and millions of electronic components. It's a journey from Coral to Computer, a journey from Pirotan island to Silicon Valley.

Most coral reefs grow in shallow, sunny and agitated waters. Often called rainforests of the sea, shallow coral reefs form some of the most diverse ecosystems. Corals feed fish and other marine animals that millions of humans eat. Coral reefs, a supply of natural medicines may be used in developing drugs for humans. 

Come and visit Pirotan and Poshitra and understand the journey of nature from Coral to Computer! You can see marine life in plenty.

There is a belief that Dariyalal fulfills our wishes if prayed. Hearing this my grand daughter Kavya (6Y), while returning from Pirotan, started saying, Dariyalal, mujhe Dolphin dikhado, Dariyalal mujhe Dolphin dikhado. And surprisingly, before we end our journey of the day in the evening watching turtles at Okhamedi Centre, the Sun was setting, the sky was coloured with pale tint of orange, we were in joyous mood and we saw a dozen of Dolphins in a pod, enjoying their life in Arabian Sea in front of Kavya! 

Beauty in Nature Indeed.

24 November 2015


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