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Last Day in Estonia, a Tasteless last supper without Ms. Annela.

Last Day in Estonia, a Tasteless Last Supper without Ms. Annela.
First session of last day in Tallinn started with e-Government in Justice by Mr. Ingmar Vali. A company registration in just 18 minutes on company registration portal paying 185 euro by fiiling up details and altering few lines in Articles of Association without submission of documentations, without notary, without personal interface and getting your company registered online in just 2 hours time by the Assistant Judge (exofficio Registrar) proved that the administration of Estonia is committed to lead in e-Governance. The facility of making accounts online and annual report submission made the system company friendly.
Our IPS officer Kuldeep Singh find the lecture very interesting. I was wondering but suddenly show him with Ms. Katlin Kattai, a companion of Mr. Ingvar Vali and Head of International Relations. The son of Sardar from the very first day jogging, hopping on and hopping off, steaming and swimming to find a suitable solution for his visit to Estonia, found a quick response today at last. His fingers scratching his head all the time once again scratched forcefully, which trick worked today? How has this happened? Atul stopped all taking seat besides Kuldeep in bus as Ms. Helena was to sit with him. The Son of Sardar finally made his day to celebrate last evening in Estonia with joy of Balle Balle.
The visit to Estonian Land Board and sessions on geodetic land mapping by Mr. Andres Juss and Land Valuation by Mr. Kristian Teiter were interesting. The method of aerial mapping through helicopters using private agencies found expensive. Land price fixed lastly in 2001 deprived the government from earning better registration income.
Our lunch in a small restorant Mecorty was delicious with Salmon to NVs and bit sandwich with colourful peeled potato to Vs. Home made candy icecream with lovely presentation made our lunch complete. 
A short visit to the host institute, E Governance Academy, meeting staff and taking photographs of the corridors and small Tutanhemon museum (replica of Egypt) got us a feel of vibrancy of the institute in generating e-Governance ideas in Estonia.
The training concluded with a post lunch short and smart presentation by Ms. Mary Pedak on National Identity Card and electronic identification was very interesting.
Ms. Annela Kirrats, Training Manager and the group favourite dressed up today in shining lemon yellow suite, wearing gold chain with big white pearl earings, maked up in dark eyelash, put on black sweater and black shoes was looking dashing and beautiful. Her small interventions to explain ID got an opportunity to clicked her with Vinay Thakur, the group coordinator. He will place the photo in his drawing room as a souvenir of the tour. She looks like a model, many murmured.
Mr. Ivar Tallo and Mr. Arvo Ott concluded our training with presenting certificates. Partho clicked all of us in his Nikon SLR. Annela first presented a chocolate to the only lady participant Mona and later to all of us for not discriminating us on gender bias. Finally, the training ended with a group photo.
The last evening in Tallinn, we remembered our beloved in India, started hurried shopping from old town, Viru Keskus and Stockmann. As Estonia is very famous for its milk production and chocolates, many of us bought chocolates. Some did try expensive cloths and sportswear.
At Viru Keskus my meeting with Ibo Scodovsky surprised me as he loves Krishna and India. Wearing tulsi mala, he invited us at Hare Krishna temple near National Library in Tallinn. Every Sunday, Hare Krishna Bhakts come at 2 PM, do kirtana, listen Geeta and enjoy prasad of Lord Krishna.
The Last Supper at Hotel Solaris without Annela was tasteless. It was pre booked dinner. Vegetarians fed up with  bit sandwich, pilled and fried potatos as the same with better taste they ate in lunch today. Non-vegetarian were also not happy as the chicken was tasteless. As half the order was for vegetarian dishes, non vegetarian were unhappy with veg dishes coming to them. Vivek Kamat objected getting shared chicken. The eyerise technology marked his eye movement but the dinner presented his brain.
Beer, wine, chicken, sandwich, cake, salad, all found tasteless. All were touching, tasting and giving up. The Last Supper in Tallinn was tasteless without Allena!!!
Exotic Estonia and its Training Manager marked permanently in our memories. 
Enjoyed the training, visits, food, stay and beauty of Estonia. And returning home with the sweet memories of e-Governance Training in Estonia, the ICT nation of North Eastern Europe.
28 August 2014


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