Friday, November 27, 2015

We are living in Satyug

We are living in Satyug

Religious people tell us that we are living in Kaliyug. Only 4300 years of Kaliyug have passed and more than 4.28 lakh years are yet to go.

But let us look at the change occurred in the life of common men in India in last 50 years.

Chandubhai Patel lives in Gandhinagar in a house of 135 sqm. When he constructed his house in 1995, he used all the space allowed for construction and didn't leave 2.5 metre space for a car parking. Owning a car was a dream for him in 1995. Now, he parks his car on the footpath. When he was in College in 1965, he used to wear one pent for 1.5 years and got it reversed paying Rs. 10 to the tailor to use it for another 1 year. He was studying in Vallabh Vidhyanagar. A train ticket from Anand to Bhavnagar was costing Rs. 12. Students had Rs. 5 concession. He was to stand in a queue of the College for 2 hours (for collection and depositing concession form) and had to go two hours early to the railway station to get the concessional ticket from the separate window. It was a hardship to save Rs.5 from the train ticket. After receiving two pay commissions from Mr. Chidambaram (1996, 2006), his life became happier. His standard of buying chevado from Bansi sweet shop in Sector-21 has raised to buying kajukatari from Radhe Sweets.

Purushottam Prajapati, a farmer was cultivating 80 bighas of land in 1950s. His father, grand father, generations were passed their life on that land sharing 1/6 of the produces. 5/6 was the owner's share. After the land reforms, he became owner of the land. He could educate his children and one of his sons retired as a high rank government officer. His children and grand children are happy, healthy and wealthy.

Shakariben is a tribal women living in a remote village. She wear a sari with similar print and look of the sari worn by the Queen of Bhavnagar by paying Rs. 200/- only from Surat. 

Individuals had only one pair of cloths and were to get new one on Diwali day. Now each one has many colourful pairs of cloths to wear. Before independence, people wearing chappal were few, now barefooted are few.

People have ease of life. Their quality of life has gone up. Facilities of education, health, house, water, transportation, communications, comforts, varieties of food, entertainment, properties, income, money to earn, money to spend, etc, are increasing and making the life of common happier particularly in last 2 decades. 

The new generation is smarter. Learn more, earn more and spend more. They have changed the entire economy and economics of India and revolutionized it. 

Who say that we are living in Kaliyug? We are living in Satyug. Common men who were suppressed and depressed for centuries are enjoying freedom and comforts of life that many Kings and Badshah didn't have.

Do you agree?

27 November 2015

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