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Coastal Zone Management in China

Coastal Zone Management in China

If the size of the country and the economy is big, economists advice to follow the model of country base closed economy. For small countries the Export based model (export from the region and bring wealth from outside) has been advocated. But China though a big nation opted to follow export based multiplier model and become a supplier of thousands of articles all over the world. Made in China is known as poor quality at cheapest cost. In strategic management one has to select between low cost bulk production addressing large customers net or the high cost model of quality goods addressing the special class with very high advertisement cost. China went for the low cost use and throw model and Japan went for the high cost quality model. Now it becomes the world's largest exporter. Though considered an orthodox and conservative communist country, it's phase wise economic decisions, strategy and tuning with the world economy have delivered wonders. It is the biggest challenge to the hegemony of the US.

The low cost model generated wealth and employment opportunities for the people of China. Their goods are their advertisements. Common men otherwise can't afford some of the goods are enjoying quality of life of the modern world with Chinese goods. The Chinese Dragon is flying high. 1500 years ago, Prophet Muhammad had advocated to his people to go to China and learn the skill (ilm). Ikra, ilm and talim are the great teachings of Quran. Small Chinese eyes have created a very big market. They were the first, who made the world a 'global village'.

With increase in purchase power of the people of the world, and when others are passing through the thinking cycle, Chinese goods reaches to those markets and fly their flags. The model they have adopted in last 3 decades has changed the shape and size of the Chinese economy as well as established the Country as a World Power.

China has 18,000 km long coast line, 11 of its provinces with 55 metro cities fall in the coastal zone, 42% of China's population lives here using 13% land areas and generating 60% of GDP. The growth of these areas in last 30 years has changed the economy of China. Now they are buying African lands to grow their food and increasing their numbers in US at any cost. Any offer of citizenship of US with high cost, the Chinese queue will be the longest.

At home, with climate change the challenges are increasing. The sea level rise by 2.6mm/a, acidification of Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea has been increased, marine disaster events increased, coastal erosion occurred, chemical pollution increased, oil spill accidents increased, coastal line has decreased, over fishing has reduced high value fishes, etc.

To feed and entertain present generation sometimes the leader push the country into run. Initially it looks a successful model and all the stake holders feel happy but as soon as the side effects of the over doing start coming up on the surface, the successor leader and the community have to build bridges to overcome the challenges. No model is fully successful. Each model has it's pros and cons. I or We is the choice of the Nation.

12 June 2016


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