Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sandhi Kaal of Monsoon 2016

Sandhi Kaal of Monsoon 2016

Onset of monsoon has been delayed this year. Overall -31% departure from the Long Period Average. IMD revisited the date for onset over Kerala and re-predicted 7th June. Each day delay is converting the anxieties into worries. We are passing through the Sandhi Kaal, the changing of the season.

Sandhi Kaal is a junction when one state of condition move to another one. For example, night into morning, morning into afternoon, afternoon into evening, evening into night. Most deaths of creatures and accidents occur during these Sandhi Kaal. 

Do you know our breath also pass through the cycle of Ida, Susumna and Pingala. 1.5 hour of Ida (left-cold breath powerful), followed by few breath of Susumna (both equal) and then 1.5 hour of Pingala (right-hot breath powerful). Susumna breaths are more during Sandhi Kaal. As during the Sandhi of Susumna, the mind relaxes more, therefore the timings of the namaz, prayers to worship the Almighty have been prescribed during the Sandhi Kaal. The drivers reflect less during Sandhi and meet with the accidents. I am not sure but the oxygen intake goes down during the Sandhi, therefore many old people die during the Sandhi Kaal. It is a prime time for the heart attacks.

Similarly Sandhi Kaal is important at the time of the change in season. It directly affects the health of creatures. Some diseases emerge during the Sandhi Kaal. Astrological predictions become uncertain when the planet is moving from one sign to another sign. 

I happened to see a presentation of a meteorologist, analysing the data of precipitation cycle over the years and describing the effects of El-Nino and La-Nina phases. As per his analysis, El-Nino Phase (1977-2007) is over, during which some countries have seen many drought years. This is La-Nina Phase (2007-2037), in which the precipitation will be more compared to the El-Nino Phase. But global warming has increased our worries as the erratic nature of rain some times fall more in short duration causing flooding and sometimes so scarce that the crops die.

El-Nino periods are bad and La-Nina periods are good for the rainy season. Both cause global changes of the weather. But the severe drought conditions occurred during the years when there is Sandhi Kaal of the season moving from El-Nino to La-Nina or from La-Nina to El- Nino. The condition of uncertainty. 

This year, we are at the junction of Sandhi Kaal. El-Nino is dead and La-Nina is missing. Pre monsoon showers are good at southern peninsula and over north eastern states, but we count onset of monsoon over India from the date it lands over Kerala. Normally the date is 31st May or 1st June, but this year both the dates declared by the IMD didn't materialised. However, it is expected that monsoon will land over Kerala by tomorrow, the 8th June. There is upper air circulation over Bay of Bengal and over Arabia sea but this year, the global warming has made all the three, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea lazy, the late starter. No cold clouds movement around. For Kerala and Karnataka, the months of June and July are crucial, therefore a loss of a day rainfall is a loss of the season. Gujarat and Maharastra are very warm and without much of the moisture in the environment.

The astrological quadrant of two combos Saturn-Mars and Jupiter-Rahu have increase our worries. The watery sign (Scorpio) is under the commands of the hot and dry planets (Saturn, Mars) and the watery planets (Jupiter, Venus) are moving into the hot or dry signs. Ardra means wet, water. Sun enters into Ardra on 21 June. If it doesn't rain during Ardra (21 June to 5 July), it will turn into tear drops in those areas. Hopefully, when Venus will be moving to watery sign Cancer on 14/7 and Jupiter is leaving the fiery sign Leo on 14/8, July and August will make many lives at ease. However the presence of Mars in Scorpio during the major part of the season will keep the disaster management machinery on toes. When retrograde Saturn will direct, the precipitation will increase. Cautions during 14/8 to 19/9.

Let us pray the two Gods of rain, the Varundev and the Vayudev to start their Journey to India and shower their blessings over us with good rainfall of the season. 

Global warming has changed our seasons.

Eagerly waiting for you....Rainy season.

7 June 2016


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