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My experiment with Hijama

My experiment with Hijama

After careful thinking, my wife and I have decided to experiment with Hijama treatment. Both of us have problems of stiffness of the neck, back and some joints pain problems. A team of 3 persons headed by Dr. IA Kherawala from Vadodara came to our house in Gandhinagar on 30 May 2016. I came in contact with this man through my old Voraji friend from Dahod, the place of my first executive posting in IAS.

In teenage, I had seen the treatment of wet eczema in our colony by a street vendor from South India. He had used a horn shape metal article, full open at one side and a micro hole on other side from where he had sucked the bad blood and septic of an aged man. The treatment gave him a great relief. Hijama is a bigger form of the same method, but applied through better modern surgical equipment. In past, bull horns were used.

Out neighbour lady has severe back pain therefore she joined with us but as per his nature, she has informed other known people and within a half an hour we were 18 ready for Hijama, including my son and two daughters in law. Our colleague, Shri Arunkumar Nigam, IAS Rtd, also joined with us.

The ladies were mostly suffering from the back pain and have complaints of heaviness of body while walking or working. Two ladies tried the treatment for Thyroid. Shri Nigam tried for sciatica. A retired DS tried it for his stomach problem and an acupressurist experimented it for his diabetes.  

The practitioner identified treatment points, applied vacuum to the points, scratch the first layer of the skin with minor cuts (it was pained like ants cut) using a disposable surgical blade, and applied vacuum cups to the points. The jelly like blood was sucked through the cups for 20 minutes, thereafter cups were removed and after applying antiseptic powder, the patients were relieved. Depending upon the complaints he applied 8-28 cups to the participants. 

The practitioner claims that this is a different method than blood donation. In blood donation, the blood is donated directly from the veins and it takes away the blood of the body with its haemoglobin.  But in Hijama, it removes the bad blood full of toxins that is stored around the skin cavities. He claims that the treatment can cure 80 types of different diseases including psoriasis, baldness, eye sight problem, headache, stiffness, paralysis, joint degeneration, etc. It makes the individual 5 years younger (in terms of energy flow) to his age. 

Today is our third day after the treatment.

As I have never donated the blood, he feels I need  more sittings and may need to tonsure my head to apply points on head and neck. I was applied 28 cups on my back and on calf muscles. It was hot day without AC, therefore, I perspired a lot during the cupping, but when it was over, I felt fresh without the stress over the body. Little bit broncho throat cavity infection I had, cleaned up immediately. The stiffness of the body has not been cured fully, but the sounds of the knee joint disappeared. I feel lighter with relief in pain of the frontal lob area. I may repeat the treatment after 15 days / a month.

My wife feels very happy, as all her neck, back and waist pain problems disappeared. The cupping was applied to her face area to cure the spots she has. She has given 100/100 to the treatment. My son, a lecturer, has developed stiffness of neck and headache problems while working with computers for many hours in past, has indicated some relief in his problems. Our neighbour lady is very happy, her cry of body ache has gone. One lady sat for two hours to thank my wife for solving her health problem as she had tried all types treatments in last 10 years. One lady who was unable to go for evening walk with her husband went by foot happily to her home in sector 1. The results of thyroid and diabetes is not known yet. I am yer to receive feedback from Shri Nigam.

The Practitioner charges ₹50 a cup, of which ₹35 is the cost of material and ₹15 is the service charge. He is working for the service to the society, not for the profit. He and his fellows came by car from Vadodara, used their machines, medicines and cups and treated 18 persons. It was kept free of cost from my side for the visitors but when I offer them the fees, they didn't charge a penny. With sharing vegetarian lunch with us they dedicated the services to the mankind and considered the cost as their advertisement in Gandhinagar. They will charge the fees in their next camp.

The videos of his camps in many parts of the State are explaining positive results of the treatment. It is an 1500 years old treatment, propagated by Prophet Muhammad himself. Indian Ayurveda also approved the treatment called "Raktamokshan". There is cure of many diseases by removing toxic blood from the body.

Small scratches on the skin disappears in a day but the cure of incurable diseases last for life long.

Would you like to try? The Hijama!

1 June 2016

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