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Uttama or Dhruva

Dear Friends,

I was reading Shrimad Bhagvat. There is a story of Dhruva.

There was a king, whose name was Uttanpad (who sat on high seat).  He had two queens; Suruchi (who follows the ruchi-liking of the king) and Suniti (who follows public interest policy). Suruchi was the loving queen of the king. 

Uttama or Dhruva

Suruchi had a son named Uttam (outstanding) and Suniti had son named Dhruva (Stable).

Both the sons were small in age. One day the king Uttanpad was sitting on his Sinhasana with queen Suruchi. Uttam and Dhruva who went to play, came running to the parents. Uttam the younger, straight went up and sit in the king’s lap. Dhruva also tried the same. The king was also keen to accept him without bias. But he was stopped by the queen Suruchi. The king was helpless. He allowed the queen to stopped Dhruva. She told Dhruva that if he wants to sit in the lap of the king, he has to take birth from her womb only. 

Dhruva felt very bad. He cried in front of her mother Suniti. The mother was also helpless. The king liked Suniti but he liked Suruchi the most. Suniti tried to calm Dhruva down. But Dhruva didn’t feel happy. 

Suddenly Naradji came to meet Dhruva and advised him to worship the king of the kings lord Vishnu for his liberation and getting the long lasting kingdom. Dhruva accepted the advice of Naradji and went to the jungle to worshipped lord Vishnu and rest of the story you all know.

Don’t you think the present ACR (now PAR) is the same like the story of Dhruva? Don’t you think the present postings-placement system in all the fields is the same like the story of Dhruva? 

The sons of the queen Suruchi (who follow likings, power interests) are getting Uttam (outstanding) ACR with promotions-choice postings and the sons of queen Suniti (who follow policy, public interest, constitution) are getting good ACR with difficult side posting like Vanvas. There is no lord Vishnu (President, Governor and Judiciary) who will give Vardan to them. They have to end up their rest of the life in Aranyavas (satellite postings, psychological humiliations) only.

Some of us are Uttams and some of us are Dhruvas.

Do you think that the present evaluation system is converting the babus into yes men babus? It is suppose to be objective. But don't you think in real life, very much subjective?

What should be our choice? Uttam or Dhruva? 

What will you do after reading this article? Select Uttam (suitable to yr likings) or Dhruva (public interest policy follower)?

Please think for a while and act. 

23 October 2008

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