Sunday, June 19, 2016

Feel proud of the Past

Feel Proud of the Past

An Environmental Engineer met me yesterday. He is a Muslim and his name is Nischalavalamb. His brother Pravinavalamb was with him. He came for discussing Eco Tourism policy. How could you have Hindu names, being a Muslim? I asked them. 

Our names are Persian, not Hindu. They replied. The words are there in Sanskrit and carry the same meanings as in Persian. Nischal (peaceful) Avalamb (rested) and Pravin (skilful) are Persian words. As per Quran, the 7th Sky/heaven is the abode of God/Allah and the Angels. It is called the 7th Arsh, the same as in Sanskrit, meaning sky/heaven/asamaan/gagan. On the roof of sky is our world.

If we simply consider only the activities of the so called modern smarts as meaningful, then the existence of millions over earth will be meaningless. We have to place all the humans on some activities, whether literature, science or history. If we stop studying our glorious ancient past, how could be excel further? Knowledge, skills and arts of many branches have disappeared due to our carelessness. When you read the principles of Vedic Mathematics, you will be surprised, how best were the brains of those ancient time. The study of Sanskrit and the ancient knowledge of various subjects can give us some keys to resolve our problems of present. I happened to meet one Mahapandit from Karnataka in that Gurukul function. It was crowded place, still, he was very happy to explain about his book on remedies of Global warming based on Vedic Principles. 

It is not anti-secular, but the pride of our glorious past. It has been proved that Sanskrit is the most scientific language best fitted for Computer programming and Algorithms. The logic and the choice of right words make the programmers perfect. We are the same DNA living the ancient chain, whether name us as Hindu or Muslim or Shikh or Isai.

19 June 2016


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