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Press Points to remain Healthy

Press Points and Be Healthy free of cost!
Start with GV meridian
Happy New Year 2012

Most of us are spending more time of our life sitting on a chair in a fixed posture.  Sitting on a back seat (left side) in a car (to prove seniority!) has spoiled many backs by travelling thousands of kilometers with jerks in a long AIS career of 35-36 years. Britishers did give us a post of massager to relax and repair the body but the democratic kings didn’t like this luxury (!) to the officers and the facilities mostly been withdrawn. 

Now it is a time for self treatment. The Chinese method of acupressure does come for our help. It is technique of pressing specific points to balance the energy in various organs of the body. 

There are 12 meridians in the body; 6 are yin (structural) and 6 are yang (functional). Heart, pericardium, spleen, lungs, kidney and liver are called Yin. Small intestine, triple warmer, stomach, large intestine, urinary bladder, gall bladder are called Yang. 

There are two extra ordinary meridians namely Governing Vessel (GV) and Conception Vessel (CV). GV and CV are located on the centre of the body both sides. 

Urological, kidney, lumbago, sciatica, cervical spondylitis, psychosomatic and neurological disorders, migraine, etc. are signs and symptoms of the disorders of the GV.  Starting from the coccyx to upper lip, it has 28 points; 14 on the spine cord and 14 on neck- head- nose and upper lip. Two fingers left and right of the spine has many Urinary Bladder points addressing the disorders of head, neck, lumbago, legs, etc. 

A gentle massage on the centre line from upper lip to last segment of the spine coccyx and massage on UB meridian points (two fingers left and right of the spine cord) will make our life better than before.  

Therefore, start the New Year 2012 by pressing your back and front points free of cost and enjoy the Happiness and Prosperity of the Year 2012.

We wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012. 

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

Yours truly,
31 December 2011

NB: “Do you remember the song of Sat saheli? Ek saheli ka miya tha accupressurist, raat bhar roaya chhone na de, points dabaye ghadi ghadi…” (don’t ask this question to my wife!)


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