Monday, July 11, 2016

Mortal Body

Dear Colleagues,

We have worked in many departments. Let us understand our own two major departments: Mortal and Immortal, Jad and Chetan, Prakriti and Purush, Body and Atma.

We are Immortal, Chaitanya, Purush, Atma. We have body. We are not the body.

Let me explain the Mortal, the Body today.

We have 5 bodies, i.e. Annamay Kosh, Pranmay Kosh, Manomay Kosh, Vighyanmay Kosh and Anandmay Kosh. Five cells, bodies. The same can be explained by Sthool, Sukshma and Karan sharira.

The physical body is Annamay Kosh (5 tatva: akash, vayu, agni, jal and prithvi), the breathing system is Pranmay Kosh (5 pran: pran, apan, udan, vyan, saman), the mind is Manomay Kosh (5 karmendriya and 5 gyanendriya: eyes, ears, tongue, nose, skin), the buddhi/wisdom is Vighyanmay Kosh and the happiness is Anandmay Kosh.

Each body needs energy and maintenance to survive. Each one has problems, which we call diseases.

Our ancient Rishis have developed various methods/therapies to treat each body and get the best out put.

Right regular food, pratyahar and Asanas are medicines for the physical body, the Annamay Kosh.

Deep breathing and Pranayam are medicines for the Pranmay Kosh.

Sankalp-Vikalp Chintan, Yam, Niyam and Dharna are medicines for Manomay Kosh. 
Yam, Niyam are useful for Annamay and Pranmay kosh too.

Manan, Nidhidhyasan (to practice) and accepting the right path are for Vighyanmay Kosh.

Samadhi, Samata, Santosh are for Anandmay Kosh.

The health of one body affects the others. Similarly, the problem of one can lead to problem to others. 
Good Health of physical body leads to healthy breathing system, which leads to healthy mind. 
Healthy mind selects the correct path and leads the life in happiness, joy and peace. 
The repairing of one of them definitely improves the others, but repairing of all will make the life best.

Let us examine the deficit we have and try to fill it up with the right way.

Our body is mortal but it is like a machine or a car. It can run longer and efficiently if we take care of its energy, repairs and maintenance. 
Older the car/body it needs more care and maintenance.

The young car holders shall drive it fast but beware of accidents! 
The old car holders shall use it carefully and look after the maintenance.

Shubham Bhavtu,

 15 February 2009

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