Thursday, July 7, 2016

What was my sin Madhav?

What was my sin Madhav?

Karna and Arjuna were in a duel on a muddy ground. When Arjun's Chariot got stuck in mud, and Arjun and Krishna were busy taking off the Chariot out of mud and were unarmed, Karna refused to fire arrow on Arjun saying that it is against the rules of the war. When Karna's own chariot got stuck on mud, he stepped down and tried to take it off, at that very moment, Arjun on the order of Krishna shot at unarmed Karna hence breaking the very rule of war. The Suta-Putra was killed for Dharma of Krishna.

It was impossible for Pandavas to defeat Kauravas lead by Karna. Therefore, Krishna executed a plan. He drew him away from the battle field and brought to a wet field, where Karna's chariot got struck in mud. As Karna's charioteer died in war, therefore, Madra Raj Shalya was his charioteer. The Kshatriya King felt insulted doing work of a charioteer of a Suta King. He neither help Karna in taking off the wheel of the chariot nor gave his Vijaya Dhanush to fight with Arjuna. The bravest of the braves Karna was left unarmed on the ground, and Arjun, under the instructions of Krishna, killed him violating all the rules of Kshatriya wars.

Before dying, Karna asked Lord Krishna, what is my sin Madhav? Why did you do this, killing the Suta Putra by breaking laws.

What did Krishna reply? "Your silence was your sin, Karna". You kept silence when Du:shasan  (Sushasan) was molesting Dropadi. You kept silence when Abhimanyu was killed violating all the rules of the war. Madhav was replying.

Why was I received hatred in the name of caste? Why was I deprived of education by Guru Drona? Why did Guru Parshuram cursed me? Was it my crime to allow the black bee to cut me badly but not to disturb the sleep of my Guru? He cursed me for my caste. Why was my ability was not accepted against the caste culture? My brother was killed by pouring boiled gold into his mouth because he uttered verses of Vedas. Demanding change in the society was my goal of the life. Was it adharma? Why then my life is ending like this, breaking all the rules of war, Madhav? Karna was asking.

You have selected the wrong means to achieve your goal. Whatever good your goal may be, but if the means to achieve that goals are impure, you have to fail. I have requested you four times to join the side of the Dharma but you were imprisoned in the jail of your vows. You took the side of Adharma, the side of Duryodhana (Suyodhana), who was committing sins again and again. Madhav was replying.

Krishna had two Dhanurdhar Kauntaiyas, but he took side of Arjuna, the legitimate son of Queen Kunti.

This reminds me not similar but correlated events of our freedom struggle. Gandhi (Mohan) had two Dhanurdhars (Jawahar and Subhash). Jawahar lit up during the Lahore Congress in 1929 and Subhash during the Haripura Congress in 1938. Both were committed for the freedom of India. But Subhash differed with the principal of non violence of Mohan. Mohan believed in the purity of ends and means both. He opted for non violence as means to achieve his ends of independence.

“I feel that our progress towards the goal will be in exact proportion to the purity of our means.”- Gandhi

But for Subhash, goal/ends was major. He favoured violence also as one of the means to achieve the ends. He had to resign and leave the Congress and joined hands with the side of the Axis (Germany, Italy, Japan, etc) in WW-II. The Axis were the adharmis (enemies) from the side of the Allies (friends). Mohan succeeded with Jawahar in his goal of independence of India following the path of pure means of non violence. And Subhash failed in his goal of achieving freedom by the means of violence/attack.

Madhav (Mohan) was killed by an arrow of a hunter Jara and Mohan (Gandhi) was killed by a bullet of Godse. Unarmed Karna was killed by Arjun and Subhsh died in a plane crash.

Thousands were sacrificed in the war of ancient Mahabharata. Hundreds were killed and thousands were displaced in the modern war of Partition.

History teaches lessons.

7 July 2016


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