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Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

Do you know? Our life line is 120 years, what Gandhiji wanted to live. A dream of all. But why do we get out by 70-80? 120 years are very much there, but not in terms of calendar years. 

We are living because we are breathing. One is suppose to breath 1 breath/4 seconds. Please read the following table:

4 seconds
1 minute
1 hour
1 day
1 month
1 year
70 years
80 years
90 years
100 years
110 years
120 years

Now we can understand our bank balance. It is up to us, how much to withdraw from how many calendar years?

Normally we finish our balance by 70s.

Do you watch around? See the other creatures. Those who are breathing slowly live long, i.e. tortoises. Those who are breathing fast die early, i.e. mosquitoes.

There is another dimension. Our mind controls the breath. The moods of mind determine the use of the bank balance. When we become angry, the cycle become very fast and we lose some minutes of our life line. The mood of mind is governed by external forces. The external environment/issues disturb our internal stability. Similarly, if we observe and control the breath, it controls the mind. You can remain strong and can not be driven away by the external events if you closely observe and control the breath. 

I have already mentioned about the cold and hold system of our nostrils in my previous mails. The left nostril breathing gives coldness and the right breathing gives hotness. If you check, the breath is strong in one nostril at one time. It changes the cycle after 90 minutes. There is balance breathing (both nostrils equal flow) for few minutes.  Left breathing is Ida, right is Pingala and Balance is Susumna or the Gamga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Do you remember the story of Matsyavedh by Arjun in Mahabharata? One has to balance the weighing scale of Ida & Pingala and achieve the goal/vedh of stable mind (sthitpragna) with the help of Susumna. Did you notice the rhythm of our breathing? Breath in, breath out ? It is the same like ocean weaves. 

Those who have irregular cycle can get it repaired. How? By pranayam. Our ancient Rishis have given us the great gift of Pranayam to improve our physical and mental health. If our mind is healthy the physic will automatically become healthy.

Enjoy Breathing.

Shubham Bhavatu.

28 February 2009


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