Monday, July 11, 2016

Touchability untouchability

Touchability and un-touchability 

Our body is an energy ball, a compound of five elements, five object of senses, ten organs, mind, intellect, ego, prakriti and the purusha (the divine energy activating all).

In ancient India, people were mainly divided into three categories, i.e. Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik. 

As each energy ball has its energy flow and active aura, therefore when two persons come in contact they start exchanging the energy. The excess energy drains towards the deficient object.  The ancient Hindus used to conserve their energy by seclusion, i.e. avoid direct contact with earth, greet each other with Namste mudra to avoid touch, keep away from other human beings depending upon their food-living styles, etc.

But majority of people in modern India live almost same life style. There is little left to clearly classify them into satvik, rajsik and tamsik division. People can’t live in seclusion as all have to work together and live together.  Namste has been replaced with shake hands and hugs. 

As the life is so hectic and takes away lot of energy from the body, each individual needs some bonus energy at the end of the day or a week. 

Acupressure works on the principle of energy balancing. 

When we shake hands we press each other’s important acupressure points which are directly helping four major organs, i.e. heart, small intestine, lungs and large intestine. A good shake hands with smiling face relives oneself from the stress developed from the work or fights. It is an instant relaxing technique.

Similarly when we hug each other, the body releases the excess energy of stress organs and takes energy from other body for the deficient organs. It in turns sedate and tonify the energy of both. If both have excess or deficiency of same organs the hugs won’t help. But it is rare to happen because there are twelve energy rivers. All can’t have same energy flow in both individuals. The hug helps. 

The old persons play more with children to take away excess energy of the children and balance their deficiency. Charan sparsh, ashirvad mudra, etc. are energy balancing and tuning gestures.  

We do it, but let us do it consciously to help each other. We shall shake hands well and hug (jadu ki jappi) each other well for the well being of all of us. 

Gandhi Vandana 2010.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

2 October 2010


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