Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Urban Gujarat on Cleanliness Mode

Urban Gujarat on Cleanliness Mode

We have declared Kadi municipality, the first ODF city of Gujarat. Now on 15/7/2016, Honourable CM of Gujarat, Smt Anabdiben Patel will declare Surat Municipal Corporation (4.5 million), the first ODF (population above 1 million) of the Country. Great working culture and traditions established by the great Commissioners of the Surat city have built the path of better governance of this one of the fastest growing cities. The way population is growing with the immigrants, it will take over Ahmedabad in another 15 years and will become the biggest city of the State.

Our mission is to declare entire urban Gujarat ODF by 15 August 2016, that includes 8 Municipal Corporations and 162 Municipalities. The task is gigantic, but Team Gujarat, with its hardworking, is making it easy. The work of providing Individual toilets to all houses is almost over. In few isolated cases, where individual toilets are not possible to build, public toilets/pay and use toilets/mobile toilets have been provided. The Third Party Checking is in progress. They are checking rigorously ward to ward and preparing the list of deficiencies. Wherever, some discrepancies found, the civic teams are taking corrective steps immediately.

Our mission is to provide underground drainage to all cities. As most of them do have underground drainage system, but we are improving their network to cover the new growth areas. We are speeding up the pending work of house connections to the drainage system where the new lines have been laid. Some of the STP works are in progress and some will find appropriate designs so that the treated waste water will be used for industrial and other non potable purposes.

Our mission is to ensure 100% door to door garbage collection. Segregation of waste at the source is our greatest challenge, that we shall meet through the IEC. Our street animals are using the wet waste mostly, therefore the model of waste to energy hasn't picked up well till date. But with new technology, we may find better solution to this problem too. Regular collection of waste and dumping sites management is our challenge that we shall address on priority. We shall build a model in which, the waste will be collected on a call. We shall implement the GoI's Solid Waste Management Rule 2016 in it's verbatim.

Our mission is to provide safe potable drinking water through tape water connections to all the household. We have been succeeded in doing so in 80% households, and the remaining will be covered on priority. Tons of thanks to the Executives who have built the Narmada water greed and Mahi Pariej water greed, these are supplying drinking water to more than 7900 villages and 115+ cities.

Our mission is to make all the Public places clean: the bus stations, the vegetable markets, the hospitals, the educational campuses, the markets, etc. With the cooperation from the people of the cities and by capacity building of the civic bodies, we are planning a mechanism of permanent solution.

Humans need Oxygen and they generate Carbon dioxide. How could we forget our friends, the Oxygen Cylinders, the "Trees"? "Green Cities Clean Cities" is our motto. We are planting trees and trying to ensure tree guards with watering mechanism so that the survival ratio improves.

Further more, DP, TP, FSI, vertical buildings and more open space for the use and movement of the people living in the cities, infrastructure, slum clearance, wall to wall surface cover, better mobility, etc, will lead our agenda in the coming days. Within a year, 51 services will be provided online through eNagar.

You are requested to write constructive suggestions to make our cities better. Gujarat, the growth engine of the Country will lead from the front.

Thank you to all who have contributed in the development of Urban Gujarat.

12 July 2016


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