Monday, July 11, 2016

America the Country of Immigrants

America, the country of immigrants

USA, a country of immigrants, world leader of Liberty and Equity is finding it difficult to manage local affairs. A country triple to the size of India and one third in terms of India’s population is not been able to improve its economy.

Unemployment rate of 9% with decline of jobs in construction, transportation and ware housing sectors suggests the poor economic health of the country. It’s debt of $15 trillion equalized the GDP of the country. The Federal State and Local governments’ budget together saw continuous budget deficits reaching a mark of $2.2 trillion in 2011.

The spender governments now started thinking of cost cutting in the areas of education and defense. The shortfall of revenue compels the governments to impose more taxes on income, property, business, services and fuel; in turn making the life difficult for the average Americans. The living cost is going up and people prefer rest at home to go to the doctor as the cost of medical services is too high. Economic disparities are increasing. Large population lives with unemployment, social security pension or with minimum wages. Children are returning homes of their parents. Girls are searching serious partners. Brains (Indians, etc.) are returning to the native countries. Students are back home spending parent's savings in USA.

People are shifting to apartments to save cost of property taxes resulted in crashing of property prices by 40%. The new health policy levied burden of policy premium on employers has seriously affected the fortune of small businesses and motels. The motel business is not meeting with the break even point. 

Indians (owns motels, gas stations, properties, medical services and IT jobs) stand still first with highest per capita income followed by other Asians. The whites stand number three and the blacks at last number four. The Indians make money from the USA and invest it in India, making life costlier to the local Indians at home. Investments by NRGs in Gujarat are some of the major reasons of price rise in real estates in the State. 

It is presumed that if the unemployment rate is not been reduced to 6.5%, the country will see new President in the next election. People say that good oratory without effective output cannot last longer.

If the trend continues, the world leader will have to learn lessons of managements and economics from the country like China and India. It seems that it may fall further and may not recover fully till 2030; while countries India and China will grow as market leaders by 2030. There will be a long queue for Indian visas.

16 February 2011


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