Sunday, June 12, 2022

Life in search of peace

 Life is in search of peace.

The nature has created life on earth from all odds. Its core is hot about 6100° Celsius (hotter than outer layer of the Sun) covered with mantle and crust. 71% of the surface of the earth is covered with water and there are five layers (tropo-strato-meso-thermo-exo) of atmosphere providing protection. Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago in which the sapiens evolved some 2 lakh year ago. The modern man with technology is in neonatal. The size of the earth compared to the Universe is like a dust particle and human may be smaller than a quark. 

How deep one can dig, the centre is 6378 kms away. Human can play around the crust. One may have a simple question, why do some humans with an average life of 70 years and with a working life of two or three decades opt for disturbances? Who would justify recent Russia-Ukraine war? The whole world is affected by inflation.

This reminds me a story of two dogs Laliyo and Motiyo told to me by my father. They were fast friends. One day Motiyo proposed to go on a pilgrimage but Laliyo denied. At last Motiyo went alone on a pilgrimage. Laliyo stayed back and was happily waiting for the return of his friend. Two three seasons were passed but there was no news of Motiyo, made Laliyo worried. It thought that Motiyo must have died. One day after a year, it saw Motiyo coming back home. It couldn’t recognise Motiyo because it was thin and injured all over the body. After some introductory talk and meal together Laliyo asked Motiyo how was the pilgrimage? Did it enjoy it or not? Motiyo gave affirmative answer on which Laliyo expressed its surprise. But your body speaks something else Laliyo asked. Motiyo replied, ‘my dear friend, I have enjoyed the pilgrimage. The trip was very good as the humans at all the places offered me varieties of food. But the problem was with our tribe. Wherever I went, they didn’t allow me to enjoy the pleasure of life; instead, attacked, injured, chased and made my life like a hell’. 

Are we not like the Motiya’s tribe? Mother Earth has given us enough to live with peace and harmony but we humans prefer man made disasters. God knows what do we wish in life, although there is a surety of death. 


20 May 2022


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