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Don’t get confused

 Don’t get confused, be happy 

We have born in Hindu culture therefore do talk about spirituality and have a habit of reading scriptures, listening satsangas and have opportunities to discuss the concepts of Jeeva-Jagat-Ishwara. There are many philosophies which are teaching the same subject differently and therefore we get confused if don’t understand them properly. 

The teachings on one plain (world) explain birth and rebirth theory, karma principle, bondage and liberation and therefore tell us about renunciation, giving up worldly things, etc to get freedom from the bondages. It teaches us to separate Atma Anatma and guide to give up anatma field. It also teaches us that there is only One Brahman/Shiva/Atma and that ‘we are’ who neither born nor die and therefore where is the question of karma, giving up something (हेय) or taking up something (उपादेय). On one side it is taking about renunciation and in another field telling where is the question of giving up or taken up. Who won’t get confused? 

Unless one has ability to read all teachings into right perspective and have complete understanding of the teachings, the confusion won’t go. Listening or reading in piecemeal won’t lead us to the destination. 

One has to understand the difference between two plains: the transaction filed-the visible world and the reality the space of consciousness. What is true for one field is untrue for the another. Birth, death, karma, etc, are reality of the transactional field and therefore all rules of the game will apply on all the objects universally where he is gyani or agyani. Yogi or Sansari having physical body will have ageing, disease and death; having subtle body (मन, बुद्धि, अहंकार) will have travel in the cycle of birth and rebirth. But when he steps into the field of Brahman, Atma, he has no birth, no death, no karma, no bondage, no liberation. 

The knowledge is therefore to be digested in steps. We see the changing world with an example of a snake and therefore looking for something other than the snake which is unchanging, the rope. Thereafter, we see both of them separate and accept as reality. Thereafter, accept that the rope is real and the snake is nothing but a superimposition on a rope. The superimposition of snake can’t exist without the rope therefore the snake is a rope in reality and therefore it’s visibility as snake is illusionary. The world is the snake and we as Chaitanya is the rope. The visible world is not different from us. We are the Ocean of Consciousness and the world including our and others physical and subtle bodies are the waves in that ocean. But the waves are no different from the Ocean. 

Still in confusion? Follow the steps.

Step-1: See you and the World separate as आत्मा-अनात्मा. आत्मा-अनात्मा विवेक। 

Step-2: understand ‘I’ as आत्मा (not physical body or individuality, but the consciousness-awareness-बोध), चिद्रुप, चिन्मय, चैतन्य. 

Step-3: see that अनात्मा is मिथ्या. The objects and persons of the visible world are not real, they are appearing and disappearing, therefore मिथ्या. 

Step-4: the अनात्मा is appearing because of me, the आत्मा, चैतन्य. Therefore I am the आत्मा as well as अनात्मा. एको अहं, द्वितीयो नास्ति, न भूतो न भविष्यति। I am one, imperishable, peaceful/blissful, space of consciousness, free from impurities, where is the question of my birth, karma and ego?एकस्मिन्नव्ययेशान्तेचिदाकाशेऽमलेत्वयि। कुतोजन्मकुतोकमकुतोऽहङ्कारएवच ॥

In Shavism, the visible world as चिति (शक्ति) is the manifestation (विवर्त) of Lord Shiva (प्रकाश), therefore from सकल to अकल are Shivas (चैतन्य) spread over the spectrum, took up their role due to their free will and are playing in the field of Samsar and will rise through will and grace. 

We are not getting Brahman-Atma-Shiva-Bhagwan from somewhere, but we are the Brahman-Atma-Shiva-Bhagwan. Step into that state of reality (pure consciousness) the Brahman-Atma-Shiva and get free from the bondages of the mind, body, the imperishable world; and सुखी भव. 

हजम नहीं हो रहा? This is वेदांत। 😊


24 December 2022


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