Sunday, March 19, 2023

He is.. He is not…

 He is.. He is not…

Ancient world was divided into two major beliefs of creation. The Greek believed in the concept of Ex nihilo nihil fit (nothing coming from nothing) means all things found from pre-existing things. Universe is created from the formless matter from chaos (pre state) and therefore universe is eternal. 

Christianity believed in concept of Creation ex nihilo (creation out of nothing), a theistic answer how matter is not eternal but had created through divine act of a creator/God.

Jews believed that there was pre existence of matter to which God gives form.

Islam believed that God is a First Cause and absolute Creator; He did not create the world from pre-existing matter. 

The Chandogya Upanishad 6.2.1 (Hindu) says before this world was manifested there was only existence, one without a second (एकमेवाद्वितीयम्). The Vedānta scriptures describe this existence as a state of being. It is one without a second. It is pure, all-pervasive, beyond thought and speech, and formless. It is consciousness. If there is a tree, it must have come out of a seed, therefore, before the world was manifested there was existence, one without a second.

Buddhism believes that before its manifestation there was nothingness only and from that nothingness existence emerged. 

Big Bang science theory offers no explanation of cosmic existence but describes first few moments of that existence. 

Majority believe in the idea of ex nihilo which states in summary that everything that exist have a cause. Universe exists therefore it has a cause. In that case, uncaused creator of universe exists who without the universe is beginningless, changeless, immaterial, timeless, spaceless, and infinitely powerful.

KSD (Kashmir Shaiva Darshana) states that He the Param Shiva in his harmonious form as Shiv-Shakti (सामरस्य) sprouts as Sadashiva and takes forms of different elements upto Prithvi and exists within the existence. 

If we believe that I (लघु प्रमाता, the creation) is different than the I (गुरू प्रमाता, the creator), it is duality (द्वैत). But when we believe that the pure I as me is the same and one universal consciousness I, it is non duality (अद्वैत). 

The acts of creation sustenance and dissolution is a play and therefore it can’t be played without the differentiation of the objects and subjects and therefore duality prevails. 

Do you know that computer binary system uses numbers 0, 1 through logical gates and is the base of all computing systems and operations. It enables devices to store, access and manipulate all types of information directed to and from the CPU or memory.

Whether we call him not (0) as परम or yes (1) as शिवशक्ति, the existence of universe is a proof of His existence. 

He is not…He is…00001, 00010, 00011, 00100, 00101, 00110, 00111, 01000…

🕉️ नमः शिवाय। 


19 March 2023

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