Sunday, March 19, 2023



The first priority of any individual is to hv better quality of life without discrimination on the bases of caste or creed. Liberty, equality and justice are more important than the unknown unseen Brahma or Void. 

Even Osho hasn’t discarded the theory of God but suggested to become religious so that one can find him out from within. 

ATMA-Soul-Jeeva-God etc are different interpretations of the existence. Man is surprised with the surroundings and the unique life system on earth and therefore in the journey of uncoding the mystery, discovered something which has been penned down as scriptures. However the reality can’t be written but to experience only. Physics has gone upto 200 particles within the nucleus of the atom but overlooked the observer who is penetrating in the nucleus. 

Spirituality is not an exercise to find out some big master sitting at somewhere up in the sky but to realise the true form of one’s own nature, the existence. One may name him anything after realisation. It is more of an individual experience. How the consciousness blocked within the body mass expands to infinite (reality) is the experience of the Chaitanya. And interestingly, it is only ONE for all, whether you call him Universe/s or God, the Shakti (manifestation) or Shiva (the light).


2nd October 2022


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