Thursday, March 9, 2023

Holi hai

 Holi hai

Holi hai

Festivals in India are celebrations of culture evolved over centuries. India is an agricultural country and is living in villages. It has to grow food and save life from diseases and calamities. Therefore, all our festivals have some connection with either the agricultural season or change of weather and protection of life. Each festival is linked with astronomical events, changing of the earth position with reference to the Sun which has direct impact over the seasons, cropping and human health. 

Holi is a festival of spring, the mating and reproduction season of many creatures including plants and trees. It is the junction of changing season from winter to summer. The atmosphere of spring carries viruses and pollens in the air hazardous to human health and simultaneously it’s a mating season. India therefore found out a way to solve both the issues by celebrating Holi, first day with bonfire and the second day with colours of love. Holi fire burns the germs, viruses and pollens of the air and the colours bring love and joy forgetting and forgiving all difference of human life. As India was growing barley and now growing wheat and grams in rabi season and its harvesting and selling time, therefore colours are representing the joy of good crop. The change of season affects the health and we may see more number of patients of coughing and upper respiratory infections and therefore heating of the body with bonfire and eating dates and popcorn are acting as medicines. The celebration of the festival with mud also carries ayurvedic value of balancing the vata-pitta-cough of the body. 

Astrologically, the transits of Sun and other sky objects hv impact over people’s lives and character, therefore, India celebrates festivals near the two solstices (winter and summer : uttarayan and dakshinayan; makar sakranti and kark sakranti) and two equinoxes (spring and autumn: Holi and Diwali; mesha sakranti and tula sakranti). 

It was a natural way of life understanding the astronomical events and their impacts over the nature and seasons, agriculture and human health and lives, and accordingly the celebrations, foods, actions were designed and executed. 

The legends were linked to make it a way of life. People in India follow the religious command better and faster than the scientific teachings through logic. Ultimately either to follow religious or scientific command, the purpose of life is served by celebrating festivals. 

They also supports the economy and give opportunities to the non farmers- the informal sector workers to earn their livelihoods.

India is a unique country face hardships of life but never go in depression and keep going well by celebrating festivals. 


9 March 2023


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