Monday, June 5, 2023

Is an ant smarter than man?

 Is an ant smarter than man? 

Black garden ant known as common ant are wiser than humans as they predict the rain faster than humans. June July are their mating season and therefore they are on flight. They generally live in the nests build under the earth, stone, woods, holes, etc, and live in colonies with a Queen and her workers. 

I am a keen observer of their movements in the month of May-June as they move in thousands from the garden to our house. Whenever, they are appeared in our room, the next day is a rainy day. The intensity of rain in the season also been observed with their movements. In a good rainy season they move out in big numbers but in a drought year one can hardly find a black ant in the house. In low rainfall year, their movement from garden to house is less compared to the good rainfall year as if they know that whether their colony is safe or unsafe in that rainy season. 

The Earth is a living habitat of millions of creatures and therefore any threat to their life, there is inbuilt knowledge system in their mind - DNA system that gives them warning signals to recognise the threat earlier so that they could rescue themselves. The ethologists studied their behaviour and natural habitats. 

Human brain volume is 1.1 to 1.2 litre while the brain volume of an ant is 1 microlitre, a million times smaller but it is more intelligent than humans in terms of predicting rains and has more strength to carry load 10-50 times their body weight. 

Who is there on earth without knowledge? 

सर्वं शिवं। 


4 June 2023


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