Monday, February 8, 2016

Eat India, Work India

Eat India, Work India

India is flooded with mobiles, bikes, TVs and Computers. People save money from the food bill but buy comforts. Comforts is synonym of Quality of Life! The growth agenda is working on creation of more jobs through creation of more wealth. The executives and the entrepreneurs together are making India, a fast growing nation.

The human resource, simultaneously is growing in numbers and in demands. 300 million students are in school-colleges and 600 million people are working in organized and unorganized sectors. 

Many stop education after 10-12 board exams. Graduation is generally the last destination of all youths. Parents get them marry and unskilled they; boys search jobs and girls hold houses. Agriculture still keep huge mass busy in villages. Barring limited white color jobs, the large population is earning through skilled and unskilled labour and services.

As the average per capita income of the common mass is low, dal-chaval/ dal-roti and roti-sabji is their staple food. The per capita calorie intake value may be below 2000/day. Due to un-hygienic habits, the intestines of the masses are suffering from indigestion and amebiasis. Their weak lungs inhale less oxygen. The children are carrying worms infection. As a result the low productivity of the Labour in India is a big challenge. 

To survive in the competition era, the entrepreneurs while cutting cost of production, switchover to automation. The economy of "Production by Masses" is shifting to "Mass Production through Machines". New fields of jobs are opening but simultaneously the job opportunities are reducing with more and more mechanization.

Old people do say that the pre independence generations of Indians were stronger physically than the present one. Youths use bike for 50 metre distance. Cycling is going away. Weak bodies are covered with better garments. Cosmetics Industry is growing faster. Comfort India is increasing demand of Doctors! Swords are replaced with Votes!

Poor eats less has less productivity and less earning capacity.

A time has come for the employer to survey, how much calories their workers eat everyday and how they perform? 

It is an important question for the governments and the families of India to review the caloric value of food intake of each student and each worker. And also to review their physical activities to digest the food. Productivity of the workers should be reviewed with the food they eat. 

Eat India, Work India.

In hurry, don't increase worry, avoid junk food. Lol

8 February 2016

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